Good News for Hyderabad & Interior Sindh!
Dr. Abdul Samad will be visiting to treat & heal the Physical & Psychological diseases through Samda Healing System, HMF & PMBL.
9th August, Session Samda 1-4 at 12:00 pm, Crown Hotel Hyderabad
10th August, Samda 5-8, at 12:00 pm and HMF 1 & 2 at 05:00 pm Crown Hotel Hyderabad.


Samda 1-4 at 12:00 pm 16th of August Regent Plaza Karachi
Samda 5-8 at 12:00 pm and HMF 1-2 at 05:00 pm 18th of August Regent Plaza Karachi


Samda 1-4 at 12:00 pm 23rd of August PC Hotel Rawalpindi
Samda 5-8 at 12:00 pm and HMF 1-2 at 05:00 pm 25th of August PC Hotel Rawalpindi.


Samda 1-4 at 12:00 pm 30th of August Best Western Hotel Lahore
Samda 5-8 at 12:00 pm and HMF 1-2 at 12:00 pm 1st of ‎September Best Western Hotel Lahore

Find Unique Methods to Achieve Health Happiness and Success

Experience life changing opportunities with Unique Healing system SAMDA and miraculous
results with HMF. If you want to explore the secret world of health and happiness then join us.

Join Zheel Sciences Institute to bring transformation in your health, life, and
relationships. According to SAMDA specialists “SAMDA is 99% powerful than REIKI”.
Dr Abdul Samad has discovered the world’s most successful healing system SAMDA,
for healthy and natural life free from chronic diseases. SAMDA is the name of generating
quality of life with the application of very easy and natural procedures.


Human Magnetic Frequency [HMF] is an amazing course in which Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad attunes.
He is the only one across the world who has the ability to attune these forces.

distant learning Get distant attunement of world’s most powerful healing enrgy SAMDA HMF
(HUMAN MAGNETIC FREQUENCY) all kind of reiki attunement upto Master and Grand Master Level.
Tel:      +92-213-5444457
Cell:     +92-321-5444457

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