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World's Most Powerful Healing System Achieve HEALTH HAPPINESS SUCCESS Unlease Your Unlimited Powers
SAMDA Healing System
An alternative natural healing procedure with no side effects… Anybody can be cured from physical, psychological and social health issues. Apply Dr Abdul Samad’s most powerful formula for curing acute and chronic diseases. Become a world's best healer. Learn healer and master levels of SAMDA.
Human Magnetic Frequency
Attract and manifest bright future, success and happiness in your life. Learn and apply Dr. Abdul Samad’s world’s most effective formula Human Magnetic Frequency for success in your life. Learn unique techniques for changing bad habits and body language with Dr. Abdul Samad. Communicate with your mind with Telephathy.Learn methods to make your life positive. 
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Take attunements at your ease by joining workshops or through telephone. Methods are quite easy to understand that one can easily learn and implement for self and others healing. Attunements allow you to become healer and master of healing techniques after which one will become eligible of handling any kind of physical, psychological, or social ailments.

Find Unique Methods Achieve Success and Happiness

Experience life changing opportunities with Unique Healing system SAMDA and miraculous results with HMF? If you want to explore secret world of health and happiness then join us.

Join Zheel Sciences Institute to bring transformation in your health, life, and relationships. According to SAMDA specialists “SAMDA is 99% is powerful than REIKI”. Dr Abdul Samad has discovered World’s most powerful healing system SAMDA, for healthy and natural life free from chronic diseases. SAMDA is the name of generating quality of life with the application of most easy and natural procedures. Read More

Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad: One of the most sought spiritual healer and famous as The Prince of Healing in the world. Renowned for his best work and skills for curing chronic diseases with his most reliable formula SAMDA healing system, for instant success and happiness HMF and PMBL the formula to deal with Mind and body language.

With Years of research Dr Abdul Samad has focused his natural therapies towards helping common to enhance quality in their lives and to provide them unique and extensive knowledge of natural methods to improve one’s health and life.

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How HMF workshop works? This course has been designed to activate your ability of attracting future, money and success in your life. Prof Dr Abdul Samad World’s most successful formula for success in professional, personal and social life. Read More

What is the difference between Alternative, Complimentary, Traditional, and Ayurvedic, natural and traditional Chinese medicine? Read More



Achieve Peace of mind, Health, Happiness & Success. Heal Physical Psychological Disease with World most Success full healing therapy “SAMDA” On Sat April 12Th,2014 at 01:30 pm at Ziauddin Medical University.
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Registerations are open now.
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Who can attend these Sessions? People who are suffering from different type of physical and psychological diseases like, tension, depression, anxiety, diabetes, Evil eye, black magic, Blood pressure, joints pain, bones pain, arthritis, Lungs problems, eye problems, Hair related issues, beauty related issues...............
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Watch Natural Health with Dr.Samad

Mon to Fri Live at 2:00 to 3:00 PM Repeat at 11:30 to 12:30 PM



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The greatest healing method is SAMDA
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I am writing to share my word and positive experiences of SAMDA Healing energy it nearly about one year.
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I have been the victim of allergy since a long but after applying SAMDA I have noticed some amazing results.
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I have cured both of them with the healthy treatment of SAMDA.
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We have experienced good changes around us by energize now living animals. We can have good changes result in agriculture as we can now energize food and fruits etc.
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Now I have become an enthusiastic, confident and healthy being. SAMDA worked well in generating my confidence high, strengthen my decision power, and helped me in controlling anger and bad behavior.
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I healed other people as well and they are much satisfied and they are also surprised.
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Now with SAMDA,I can treat several of health conditions.I feel myself very confident. I must say ZHEEL SCIENCES Institute and Dr Abdul Samad working for a great cause.
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I would be able to sleep whole night and when I got up early in the morning I was very fresh and feeling quite well it was a dramatic change in my routine life.
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I feel fresh during studies in university and at home I had allergy problem with dust and pollen and it was reduced after attunement.
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