These are 3Gs came to mind when I decided to answer a question about the 3 most important rules to live life happily, on Quora. My answer got top ranking within a few minutes. Today I am going to share those 3Gs here with my audience which are important to live a happy and healthy life successfully. Let's start with the first G.


Why I selected this G as the first one? We all know that being grateful is enough to attract all kinds of blessings and happiness in your life in both worlds but do all people follow this rule? A Big ‘NO’. We find more than 90% people complaining about something or someone every day while having a lot to be grateful for. Gratitude = No Complain (being in peace) It means that it seems simple to be grateful but it’s not actually in today’s restless, demanding & complaining world. And when we say that being grateful is number 1 factor behind all blessings then being ungrateful is the number 1 factor behind all pain, unhappiness & restlessness we see everywhere. That’s why when it seems hard to be grateful or understand its importance in your life, start with giving whatever you can. It can be a smile, a little help, food, money or even motivating words….give it and see the reaction. The reaction will be nothing but gratitude & happiness and this thing will make you realize the connection between the two. Even if a person doesn’t start being grateful at the very moment when he will get it in a reaction for giving something, it will unconsciously create a sense of gratitude inside. So my first G is GIVE. Start giving today and you’ll start getting a lot more than your expectations and don’t think that you have nothing to give, as I mentioned earlier, give a smile but give and keep giving as much as you can. Set your mind to help others


Growing = Living Life is all about growing. Life grows with every passing moment. It means every living being is meant to grow. If you are growing, you are living, happy or not but in order to feel and prove that you are alive you have to keep growing. Grow your skills, grow your knowledge, grow your success…..go for resources you feel that can help you grow, meet such people who keep you motivated to grow and surround yourself with friends who push you to grow. Invest today expect tomorrow Start with reading motivational/self-help stuff to create an urge to move ahead and create a life you want to live and live happily.


The most important ‘G’ in the quest for a happy life. Once you learn to Give & Grow, you will automatically feel grateful for understanding the value of life and living it the right way for yourself (by growing) & for others (by giving). And when you start feeling grateful, keep doing it till the last breath you take to ensure a happy life in both worlds. Inner satisfaction - A source of real happiness Have a Happy Life!

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