We all know that anger is bad for our health but few know how it actually happens on mental, physical and behavioral level. So today we decided to discuss the anger effects on brain and body to understand how it affects people, their health, happiness, success and above all their family and relationships. How to get rid of negative thoughts fastSmile – A Symbol of Success8 ways to increase brain power and memory naturallyHow to treat anxiety naturally Below we are going to share an infographic (created by NICABM) in small parts along with information given in text as well to make you understand the effects of anger easily. Let's start.... Here is what happens to your brain when you get angry and how anger changes the brain as a whole. 1- First spark of anger activates Amygdala.2- Amygdala activates hypothalamus.3- Hypothalamus signals Pituitary gland (by secreting CRT – corticotropin releasing hormone).4- Pituitary gland activates Adrenal gland (by secreting ACTH – adrenocorticotropic hormone).5- Adrenal gland secretes stress hormone (like cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline).

How the Above Changes Affect the Brain Activity?

Increased secretion of Cortisol (stress hormone) makes neurons accept too much calcium which results in neuron’s killing + decreased Serotonin (happiness hormone) level. Neurons’ killing directly impacts the functioning of Prefrontal Cortex (PFC) & Hippocampus. The suppressed activity of PFC leads towards the inability to take right decisions. And suppressed activity in Hippocampus weakens the short term memory and prevents the formation of new memories properly. Decreased level of Serotonin causes the feeling of anger/pain which leads to either aggression or depression. Result: An angry person can’t take right decisions and can’t make good plans for the future. He can’t remember what to say during the argument due to weak short term memory. He feels aggressive or depressed with severe pain/sorrow. Also it leads to headaches or migraines.

EFFECTS OF ANGER ON CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH Heart Beat – IncreasesBlood Pressure – IncreasesArterial Tension – IncreasesBlood Glucose Level – IncreasesBlood Fatty Acid Level – Increases All these changes (if occur excessively) lead towards the clogging of blood vessels which eventually results in an attack or stroke. EFFECTS OF ANGER ON IMMUNE SYSTEM Thyroid Function – DecreasesNumber of Natural Killer (NK cells) Cells – DecreasesNumber of Virus-Infected Cells – IncreasesCancer Chances – Increases EFFECTS OF ANGER ON DIGESTIVE SYSTEM Blood Flow – DecreasesMetabolism – DecreasesDry Mouth – Increases EFFECTS OF ANGER ON BONE HEALTH Bone Density – Decreases EFFECTS OF ANGER ON EYE HEALTH Intraocular Pressure – IncreasesEye Sight – Decreases

Now you can better understand how anger affects your brain and body. In the above information, we tried to make you know the psychological (mental) effects of anger as well as physical effects of anger. You can see yourself how it can ruin your health and overall wellness. So next time, if someone asks you is anger bad for your health….you’ll have the detail of the whole process how anger affects your brain and body instead of just saying, ‘yes’. Must read our post about Anger Management - How to Control Anger Successfully and don’t forget to share with others to make people understand how anger affects your health, your mind, your overall life and prevents you from living a natural healthy life you want. Control Depression through Natural Methods

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