Anger is a natural emotion but it can ruin everything if it gets out of control. We see people are constantly complaining about either their own anger or someone else’s anger and looking for the way to control anger and outbursts disturbing the happiness and peace of everyday life.

Anger management help or counseling can really make things better but for everyday life, you must know what causes anger actually and how you can deal with it by using simple tips discussed below. We hope it will help you control your tamper quickly before it gets out of control and ruins the happiness of your life and those connected with you. Even the most perfect and happy day can be ruined by an unfortunate situation, which gets you angry – regardless if it will be another individual, an inconvenience, or anything else that you see as an annoyance. How to Live Happily - 3Gs for Your Help One of the primary problems of anger is that can easily cast a shadow on the rest of your emotions, and then take over your mind completely. As you can probably guess, acting while angry is certainly not recommended, because you might end up saying the wrong thing or doing something that you would not otherwise do. Some people tend to be calmer than others, but even they may sometimes experience anger issues that they find difficult to manage and control. However, this is certainly not something that should be ignored, and it is strongly recommended that you try to remember some tips on how to quickly control your anger if you are alone or around other people. Do not forget that being angry will not affect just your mood, but may also have an adverse impact on the attitude of everyone else around you, regardless if you know them or not.

Dealing with Anger Induced by Problems

Regardless if it is about work or personal life, there is a high chance that you will get angry about something now and then. Not knowing how to keep your anger under control may, however, worsen the situation further and cause even more problems. You should try to follow the tips below if you are getting angry at something, since they may often be of great help when it comes to managing your anger:

Drink Water and Take A Deep Breath

Start by drinking a cup of water and take a deep breath. Even an action as simple and common as breathing can have a therapeutic effect if done correctly – if you want to enhance the effect of proper breathing even further, you can use one of the countless smartphone applications, which offer breathing exercises.

Change Your Posture

Change your posture by doing the opposite of what you are doing now – if you are standing, then sit down, and if you are sitting, lie down.

Splash Water on Your Face or Take Shower If Possible

Splash some water on your face, or even consider taking a shower. This will help you escape from all surroundings, and may give you some time to think about the problem, and whether it is worth getting angry about it.

Turn Your Focus to the Solution

Remember that anger does not solve problems, and being mad at a problem is likely to cause more troubles. Instead, try to ignore the bad thoughts, and start thinking about a solution that can help you eliminate the issue that made you angry. There’s a rule known as the ‘10/10/10’ rule, which is mostly used in business. However, you may also want to try applying a modified version of it when it comes to anger management. Think about the problem this way – will it matter in 10 hours? Ten days? Ten weeks? You might be surprised to find out that some of the things you are getting angered at are not important, and they do not have a long-lasting impact on your future. Once you realize the problem is not major at all, you might find it easier to get your mind off of it and control your anger.

Challenge Yourself - Set A Deadline to Calm Down

Last but not least, if you find it extremely difficult to stop your anger at the moment, then you might want to try and challenge yourself – tell yourself that this will pass in an amount of time. How to Treat Anxiety Naturally Challenge yourself to forget about the anger in an hour or two, just try to set some period. People tend to function better when deadlines are involved, and it is often the same with anger management.

Dealing with Anger Induced by People

What if some people are making you feel angry and trying to do so? In such a situation, they might try to get control over your emotions and make you act as they want. Here you can apply the following tip to get your anger under control and avoid others taking control of your nerves.

Get Out of That Place As Soon As Possible

Managing your anger when it is focused on other people, or when there are people around you might be a bit more difficult. The best thing to do in that scenario is to get out of the situation as soon as possible – if you are at the office, try to leave for a break. If you are at home or visiting somewhere, then consider going out for a walk. Getting out of the environment that made you angry in the first place is the first and most important step in solving the problem.

Don't Let Others Control Your Nerves

Another thing to remember is that you should not let other people control your emotions, because revealing this might make it easy for malevolent people to exploit this vulnerability. You should make sure to always be in complete control of the situation, and never let someone else get you in that angry state that we all try to avoid at all costs.

Why is It so Important to Manage Control in the Long Run?

Although you might not feel the impact that being angry has on you now, you can rest assured that you will begin to experience the long-term effects sooner or later. Being angry is like a poison to your body – it does not just make your brain function differently, but it may also impact other important parts such as your motor system. Anger Effects on Brain and Body [Infographic] It is not uncommon for anger issues to eventually lead to long-term problems with shaking hands, restlessness, bad eating and sleeping habits, etc. Keep in mind that anger management does not mean just surpassing the anger hidden inside of you. No, this is a bad idea, and it will backfire at some point because holding the anger in means that you are living in the past. You will never be able to truly relax if you deal with anger like this, and this is why it is better to take another, maybe more difficult approach – to forget, forgive, and move on. There are few things that are worthy of being angry at for months or years, but many people keep their anger focuses on something minuscule. This may sound like a strange fact, but one of the main reasons for the rapidly increasing number of people suffering from depression and anxiety is their failure to manage their anger and let go of the things that should be left in the past. Book to Read: Control Depression through Natural Methods

Put an End to Anger and Negative Energy

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, anger is a state of mind that does not have a negative impact on just you. Do not be an egoist and think about your friends, relatives, colleagues, and other close people because your anger issues are guaranteed to influence their mood in a bad way as well. How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts [Fast] Eliminating anger and the negative energy it spawns is a guaranteed way to improve your overall state of mind and relationships.

Bonus Tip to Control Anger Safely (You've never read before)

The bonus tip to control your anger is to postpone it. When you feel that you cannot immediately ignore or forget the reason you are annoyed (and you know there is a chance to make things better in the future), then you should convince yourself to postpone it. Often, situations get better with time, and we realize that reacting violently was not the correct option.  This is why it is important to train yourself to be able to postpone your anger, and prevent situations from becoming even more disastrous. Reasoning with yourself when you are angry may be tricky, but the correct decision is to postpone your anger and give yourself time to calm down. By doing so, you can avoid stress, tension, clashes, and even fights that may be triggered by trivial events in everyday life.

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