Aura represents the energy field around the physical body. It contains emotions and thoughts. Negative emotions either caused by inner self or outer world can cause blockages in energy flow. The best solution to this problem is to cleanse your aura and create positive energy around you. Let’s have a look at certain ways to cleanse your aura and live a balanced healthy and happy life.

7 Ways to Cleanse Your Aura & Fill It with Positive Energy

1. Drink lemon water every morning.2. Go outside to take sunlight. It revitalizes the energy around you.3. Practice hydrotherapy. Swim in salt water either in an ocean or in a pool with salted water. Salt helps to cleanse physical and psychic clutter.4. Meditate daily, for min 5-10 minutes in the beginning and increase this duration gradually. If daily meditation is not possible, do it 2-3 times a week.5. Reduce exposure to electronics devices.6. Avoid taking drugs and alcohol.7. Think positive for others too, not just for your self.

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