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Now You Can Join A Worldwide Movement Of Healers Who Enjoy The Highest Success Rate – And All The Wisdom That Comes With It

Forget All The “Energy Medicine” Techniques That DON’T Work. Once You Use Our 30-Year Proven Healing Systems on Diseases, Pain, Chronic Problems, and Emotional Blockages, You’ll Be Able to Heal Yourself and Everyone Around You In a Fraction Of The Time!

Dear Future Revolutionary Energy Healers

Did you know most people are too busy trying to fix their physical problems that they never even realize every physical problem has an energetic root?

Trust me, I should know!
My name is Abdul Samad, an inborn healer. Before I introduced the world to SAMDA Healing Energy over 30 years ago, I had no idea how powerful it would be, how many lives would be affected, and how quickly it would spread throughout the world. Now, millions have benefitted, and we receive thousands of videos and letters every year thanks to the extraordinarily rapid and powerful results of this amazing healing energy.
Thanks to all of the love I’ve received from those I’ve helped, I was able to start a TV show and become top-rated right away! I dedicate everything I’ve been able to do and my life to healing the whole world, especially for you, the person reading this page right now.

What I’ve learned over three decades from the people I’ve helped experiencing problems is you rarely have time to consider that all matter is energy. You only have time to make it to the doctor’s appointment, worry about what’s going to happen if the disease gets worse, or – when you have some free time – collapse for a well-deserved nap.

Now, over 30 years later, SAMDA Healing Energy is a PROVEN energy healing system with higher-than-all other healing methods!


Millions Benefited through my Books and Top Rated TV Shows

I have had many successful students from all over the world who have excellent results and can resolve any of their health issues. My students have healed thousands of people through their friends and families.

Hear From the Samda Students

Become a Samda Healer to Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Prof. Dr. William
South Africa

I Did It Through Mercy

“As Sir. Abdul SAMAD transmitted SAMDA healing powers to me; I could feel Samda healing Energy working on my diseases, and by the time I finished getting the empowerment and wholly healed, what regular medicine could not do in 30 years. SAMDA completely healed my all matters in less than one month

Dr. Muhammad Riaz

I have treated many migraines

“Sir. SAMAD has a miraculous personality. He is an excellent teacher, guide, and guru, with a unique healing energy method. I have treated many migraines, depressions, negative emotions and was affected with negativity. SAMDA has faster results with no side effects, it can make you calm and positive

Harold Sconiers
United State

It has improved my entire life

“After years of Personal Development, I discovered the teachings of Sir. Samad. Since that day, my life has been transformed amazingly. He taught for three decades and shared his god-gifted abilities with humankind. He has opened a doorway to the next stage of our evolution, inviting all who seek wisdom to come inside”

Pedro Alexandre

Now I love my everyday routine

“With HMF, I started achieving my goals in daily life. It made me more productive, focused, and successful in my professional life. I feel less stressed now. I apply SAMDA and HMF every day to make my life more positive and successful. It indeed has unlimited benefits”

Ms. Nivedita

It is best investment for myself

It was my the best decision to learn SAMDA and HMF; it helps in any part of your life, dealing with diseases, personality grooming, healing, peace, and much more. Thanks to my mentor, sir Samad and the person who introduced me to practice Samda and HMF”

Syed Amir Raza

I just want to say thank You

“Sir. Abdul Samad is an upbeat energy Healer, Master, and an excellent teacher master. I believe where there is a disease, there is a healing/cure in SAMDA. I don’t have words to express my gratitude to this new and unique healing system. Just thanks for everything”

Klara Bajic

I Feel more Energetic & Healthier

“With SAMDA my mind and body got more energy, power, and positivity. I am capable of fast recovering from the flu. I use it on a regular basis on members of my family, including my grandma and pets. My entire family, including my children, is now more energized and in less pain from common problems. I and my family is a wonderful source of kindness and calm”

Muhammad Riaz

I healed many Covid-19 Patients

“I have been suing Samda for many years with lots of benefits for myself and others; during COVID 19, Many of my friends were affected by covid-19. I give them Samda healing in a day two times. They took Alhamdulillah’s regularly and cured it within a week fully. Some of them were cured within four days …I am happy to help others. Thanks to Allah and Sir. Abdul Samad”

Bilquis Begum

My pain reduced 70% to 80%

“I am 48 years old and live in Pakistan, where I have been dealing with Arthritis for several years. Now I feel relief, and my pain has decreased nearly 70% to 80%. This is a simple process to approach, SIR. ABDUL SAMAD. In this ostensibly materialistic world, he is a genuinely credible personality; humble, kind, confident, & sympathetic. I want to say Thank You”

Liaqat Ali
United Kindom

"After ten years, I was able to sleep Peacefully without pills"

Jia Khan

"100% of my life has changed after getting Samda and HMF"

Dams Konkol

"I felt the heavyweight falling from my head and shoulders"

Nie Teng Nie

For the first time in my life, I realize how powerful I am as a human being and can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I regret that I went through life without realizing who I was, but thanks to Sir. Samad guides us on how anyone can start their lives again.

Tabassum Rehan

In some online sessions, I became the best healer, and it’s incredible that I can now use Samda Healing Energy to help myself and others improve their lives. I’m utilizing HMF to help me attain my objectives, and I’m really grateful. I’m experiencing heartfelt peace!

Salman Qari

After the attunement, I felt stronger and more balanced. I feel the energy is getting more balanced, more grounded in my body and spirit. As soon as I only start thinking about doing Samda, I feel the energy in my third eye and energy flowing inside my head.

And All of This Is Thanks to My

3 Scientific Discoveries

Here’s how each one of these amazing discoveries works:

SAMDA Is the Foundation
Of Everything We Do

Imagine being able to re-activate the natural healing system within your body to eradicate diseases, pains, emotional blockages, trauma, and so much more! Every cell in your body is an energy center, and with SAMDA, you can reach them all.

It does not matter if you suffer from minor injuries or chronic, incurable diseases; SAMDA boasts a high success rate! And right now, we’re giving away many courses absolutely FREE to you as our special gift.

SAMDA LEVELS 1 - 8 & HMF 1-2
USD -998 one time fees

Human Electromagnetic Force

Achieve Effortless Success Inside & Out

Prof. Abdul Samad created HMF because he quickly realized energy healing could be used to create abundance and success in any area of life. After practicing SAMDA, your body is healthy – and now it’s time to enjoy your life!

With HMF, you turn every cell in your body into an energetic magnet that attracts to you everything you’ve ever dreamed of – love, purpose, wealth, and so much more – without the strain, hustle, and struggle of traditional success programs.

It’s pure science! If you’re ready, you can register below:

The Power of Mind and Body Language

Study The Power of Your Mind & Body
…Then Speak Their Unique Languages

With Dr. Abdul Samad’s final discovery, he unlocked the secrets of history’s most charismatic people, discovering what makes some people effortlessly attractive to others.

Today more than ever, in our influencer culture.

In our influencer culture, this information is much-needed! Now you too can enjoy influence, persuasiveness, and smooth relationships without arguments or problems thanks to the high energetic power of PMBL.

It’s Time to Say Goodbye…

When you learn SAMDA, HMF, and PMBL, you’ll be able to “say goodbye” to...

…Because you’ll gain a higher success rate of healing all of these problems and so much more in your life.

Ready to say goodbye?

Our Course Includes Healing For:

SAMDA LEVELS 1 - 8 & HMF 1-2
USD -998 one time fees

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