You must have read a lot of motivational quotes before but here we have a collection of unique best motivational quotes you have rarely read anywhere. Just stay for a moment to have a look to see the difference you’ll find here. Quotes always based on life experiences and achievements. These motivational quotes are based upon the real-life challenges and achievements of Prof. Abdul Samad, who is an inborn healer and founder of ZSSRC. He introduced life-changing courses of SAMDA (world’s best healing system), HMF (life success formula for goal achievement) & PMBL (natural self-grooming) and trained thousands of people around the world. Let’s have a look at his unique motivational quotes with details given with each quote to understand what he wants to teach his audience. Don’t forget to share the ones you like the most.

 Jealousy is not only a bad habit, it’s a disease which disturbs the health, personality, business, relationships and the happiness of the whole life. Jealous people suffer from extreme state of inferiority complex. Read More.

 Success demands dedication, perseverance and hard work particularly when someone decides to build great future for himself and for others. But not everyone is able to understand this fact. Here comes the difference between the mindset of successful and unsuccessful people. Read More.

 If you want to grow and improve, the best thing is to invest in yourself. Never expect this kind of investment from outside. Your self is your property. When you will invest in it, it will not be a big deal as only you know better what you need and why. Read More.

 99% people prefer to waste their time just thinking about how others think, how they react and what do they say about themselves. This kind of thinking can only arouse fear, create hurdles and disrupt the process of creative & positive thinking. Read More.

 Life is another name of happiness but it’s not easy to be happy all the time in the presence of haters and opponents. So the best way to be happy in such situation is to take haters as motivators. Read More.

 Human beings are unique and supreme creation in this universe but the biggest mistake a person does is to compare himself with others. While everyone is having a different face, different features, different qualities, different shortcomings and a different life style etc. Read More.

 Life is a name of continuous struggle. Every day we strive for or at least aspire to have something we want. But how many people get what they want? We know that the ratio of such people is very low. And the reason is the difference in strategy they follow to get their desired things. Read More.

 Today we are bound to live in a world running on unnatural rules and laws all around. We are at the peak of technological advancement. We are having the best educational systems providing advanced knowledge and skills. We are trying to upgrade our eating and living habits by employing the best techniques available. Read More.

 Life is another name of happiness but it’s not easy to be happy all the time in the presence of haters and opponents. So the best way to be happy in such situation is to take haters as motivators. Read More.

 Successful people never think about what others think. They just focus on what is right and work on it by heart with great planning to give their best performance. Read More.

 Successful people always live in present, work in present and make full use of their skills and resources to make every day a lucky day. They don’t have to wait for certain time to get succeed. They plan for it and work for it every day and achieve it eventually. Read More.

 Being successful is not a big deal if you know how to be original, happy and creative. Yes only those who don't copy others, don't care about trivial discouraging factors and don’t bound their talent to out-dated customs and ways actually become successful. Read More.

 Trust plays the most vital role in human life. If you trust someone, you feel comfortable with that person to share everything you want. It builds strong relationships if you are trusting the right person. But when it comes to trust the best person in this world, the choice should be trusting your own self. Start with yourself. Read More.

 We observe various kinds of jealousies in everyday life including professional jealousies. It can either be a form of extreme inferiority complex or a hidden fear of losing everything in the presence of someone more powerful within the same circle of professional skills. Read More.