SAMDA Healing Energy

Code of Ethics

DEFINING SAMDA HEALING ENERGY SAMDA is 100% positive & 100% natural healing energy. It has no side effect at all. It can be used to heal basic and chronic physical, psychological, spiritual, relationship, behavioral or educational issues. SAMDA healing energy can be used for the people of all ages, animals and plants. It can also be used to energize places & environment to remove negative energies. Anything we eat, wear or use (food, drink, dress, phone, jewelry, vehicle etc.) can be energized with SAMDA for an improved level of energy and performance. No specific environment is required to practice SAMDA healing energy. It can be applied anywhere, anytime according to the current needs & requirements. GOAL OF SAMDA HEALING ENERGY The goal of SAMDA Healing Energy is to restore harmony and balance in natural energy system working inside every living being. It is used to empower the client and promote their overall wellbeing. SAMDA healers should encourage and assist their clients in their personal growth and development. SCOPE OF PRACTICE OF SAMDA HEALER All SAMDA healer should work within the boundaries and limitations set and described by ZSSRC & Prof. Abdul Samad. They should openly represent their credentials & should practice SAMDA healing according to the level they are trained for. DISCLOSURE & EDUCATION SAMDA healers must practice truth in their professional activities. They should provide an explanation of the treatment to the level of the client’s understanding, and clearly inform clients of the nature and method of application of healing energy. They can openly encourage all clients to learn Samda Healing Energy and apply it for self & others’ prosperity. Every SAMDA healer should make it clear to clients that SAMDA is a complementary energy therapy which is compatible with all kinds of traditional therapies. It is not a replacement for medical treatment or treatment by other licensed practitioners. Therefore they cannot diagnose, prescribe, suggest or treat medical conditions unless they hold a license that permits them to do so. They should also not interfere with the treatment of a licensed health-care provider. CREATING PROPER HEALING ENVIRONMENT A SAMDA healer should create a peaceful, clean and safe healing environment. Creating a healthy and clean environment is recommended to carry out healing activities. PERSONAL CLEANLINESS SAMDA Healer should maintain a high degree of personal cleanliness at all times. They should be aware of the comfort requirements of their client as well as their healing needs. They should refrain from using heavy perfume, deodorant and aftershave as it could trigger allergic reactions in some patients. They should also avoid using drugs or alcohol during all professional activities. RESPECT OF CLIENTS SAMDA Healers should maintain the high standards of professionalism and treat clients with respect, courtesy and care. They respect the client’s right to be involved in their treatment and take their consent before starting healing. They can encourage the client to give feedback or discontinue the healing session according to their will. SAMDA healing energy works perfectly at distance too, therefore, healers cannot force their clients for any kind of physical touch. Healing can be done without touching as well if a client is not feeling comfortable with hand touch. If physical contact is involved, it has to be explained and approved by the client prior to the session. Also, they should never engage in any illegal or immoral activity with our clients or students. They should never touch their genital area or breasts, never ask them to disrobe and never make sexual comments, jokes or references. A healer cannot give massage or manipulation unless licensed to do so. MAINTAINING UNCONDITIONAL EQUALITY SAMDA Healer should always show respect & professionalism to all clients regardless of their creed, culture, gender, age, political beliefs or social status. HEALING CHILDREN In case of healing children, they must get signed permission from their Parent/Guardian before starting the healing session. The Parent/Guardian should be present during the healing session. CLIENT’S DATA PROTECTION Clients’ confidentiality is to be protected at all times. Their personal data should not be used unless permission is obtained from them. COMPLYING WITH LOCAL LAWS & RULES All SAMDA Healers should understand and comply with the laws of the state(s)/province in which they are offering healing services. SELF-DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH They should practice self-care to enhance their own personal health and continue to deepen their knowledge of healing. They must keep themselves updated with the latest practice and research done by Prof. Abdul Samad & ZSSRC in order to expand their effectiveness as a practitioner. They should be open to the continuing process of enhancing their professional qualifications, training, experience and skills. PROFESSIONAL RESPECT & INTEGRITY They should respect and value all healing practitioners and masters regardless of lineage or organizational affiliation. They should also refrain from making negative statements about other healing practitioners or masters. They should also actively work to create harmony and friendly cooperation between all healing practitioners and masters regardless of lineage or organizational affiliation. PROTECTING SELF DIGNITY Healers reserve the right to refuse treatment at any time if the client is under the influence of drugs or acting in a threatening or improper manner. PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY They can never practice Samda Healing System under any other name such as Reiki, Yoga, Meditation or any other treatment methodology. If they practice any other kind of therapy or treatment during SAMDA healing session, they must do so with the prior knowledge and consent of their client. Every SAMDA healer is bound to follow the same code of conduct (ethics), method of application and Zheel Philosophy & Policy (described in terms & conditions) everywhere; within the premises of his SAMDA healing center or outside with NGOs, organizations, hospitals/clinics, distance healing sessions or free camps arranged on individual basis or organized by other organizations/individuals. Any action taken against the code of ethics or Zheel philosophy (while applying SAMDA healing energy) will be the sole responsibility of SAMDA healer while Prof. Abdul Samad/ZSSRC will not be held responsible for such actions.