This book ‘Control Depression through Natural Methods’ is written by Prof. Abdul Samad. It is a complete guide on controlling your depression through natural methods and the amazing powers of your thinking. Depression is a severe state of deviation from the natural healthy state of mind and can be set back to the track by applying the mind powers in a proper way. This book explains the whole phenomenon of depression control and related therapies in a detailed way. It starts from the very basic definition of depression, its causes & symptoms and move onto the methods of control step by step. It discusses the role of modern meditation, yoga, natural healing powers, positive thinking, mind powers, confidence building, balanced diet, breathing therapy and scientific facts essential to be known to control depression in a natural and safe way. Particularly the 7-day special Zheel Yog Exercises Plan of Prof. Abdul Samad to control depression is discussed in detail in this book. Many people have changed their lives by controlling depression in this way so you can also do if facing this distressing situation for any reason and live a happy and healthy life successfully.

Topics Discussed

I took a pen in my hands with the spirit of social services. When the pen started its work on the paper, I felt that now I would render social services in a better way as compared to the past.

What is Depression?Symptoms/Reasons/TreatmentDepression in ChildrenAnxiety and RestlessnessDisorder of Digestive SystemSelf Accusation/Self-PityGender Biasness/Sexual Problems/FearPower of ThinkingMiracle of ConfidenceHealing through Mind PowerTheoretical HealingEnd of Negative/Unrealistic ThinkingPositive Soliloquy/MonologueRelation between Thinking and CharacterRelease/Salvation from Suppressed Fear

Living Purposeful Life/Discovery of AimLeaving Bad Habits/Auto SuggestionMeditation – Types of MeditationRemoving Depression with MeditationReligions & MeditationModern MeditationConcentration of AttentionScientific Experiments/SchemaIdeal Body-AuraBreathing TherapySuitable and Proper DietUseful Physical ExerciseYoga (Yog) – History/BenefitsContact with Zheeli CreatureZheel Yog Exercises – 7 Day PlanZheel Sciences / SAMDASamda and Human SympathySamda Questions/Experiences