Today we are bound to live in a world running on unnatural rules and laws all around. We are at the peak of technological advancement. We are having the best educational systems providing advanced knowledge and skills. We are trying to upgrade our eating and living habits by employing the best techniques available. But despite all of these advancements and innovations are we living a truly healthy and natural life? We all know the answer….NO. Here we need to take a few minutes to think where we stand today in moral values, in real education, in the peace of mind and heart, in health, in happiness and in true success. We know that we are not having or getting what we were created to have. We are living with fake values, rules and customs where everyone is following what is presented or considered acceptable in the outer world. No one is going to see inside his inner world where the real treasure is hidden. The treasure of peace, the treasure of love, the treasure of happiness and real success. We are having everything we need, inside our inner world but we are not ready to take a look at it. But the hope still exists….in the form of those people who still want to change these fake values and have the ability to create their own rules in accordance with the real nature of human being and this universe. Everyone can do it but only a few are doing it or want to do. You need to decide here, which side you want to stand on……. If you also feel that the current values are useless, unable to provide us a healthy and happy life then don’t waste your time and create your own rules and show the world that you can do it with the power of your inner self. You can bring the change in your life and in this world which is gradually moving towards disaster. Don’t compare yourself with othersOne Habit to change your life foreverBest Unique Motivational Quotes You’ve rarely Read before20 simple strategies to increase sales & revenue We need new rules, new laws, new values which can preserve our happiness, peace and success. We can do it if we want to do it. This is the only way to bring a positive change in the world and make it a place created for human beings, the supreme creature deserve to live a happy and successful life in a real sense instead of living an artificial life with rules and values disrupting the beauty of nature and his inner self. If you want to live a happy and successful life, come for the online life changing session with Prof. Abdul Samad & connect with universal healing powers to change your life & others successfully. Don't forget to join us at Instagram @health.happiness.success for daily motivational & inspirational quotes