And You?When Will You BeginThat Long Journey intoYOURSELF?

- Rumi -

Who Am I?

Do You Want to Discover Yourself?Are You Interested to Enhance Your Abilities & Unlock Your Potential?Are You Ready to Achieve Your Aim of Life?If your answer is ‘Yes’ then Come & Meet Prof. Abdul Samad.He will introduce you to the ‘NEW WORLD’ you have been dreaming about!

Journey to Discover Your True Self

"Everyone has a lion within but few know it"-Prof. Abdul Samad

Being human does not just mean having a physical body or being able to think.Being human means realizing your full potential.

But how can you realize your full potential or find your true self?

For this purpose you need to ask yourself the following self-discovery questions: Why were you created as a human being?What is the purpose of your life?Why are humans regarded as the ‘Supreme Creature’?Are we in charge of our destiny?Do our thoughts have power? If you’re curious to know the answers to these questions then you’re ready to go through the process of self-discovery to bring a successful change in your life. For the very first time in your life, ‘Prof. Abdul Samad Introduces You to Yourself’. He makes you realize your true potential. He makes you see what you’re truly capable of. It’s an amazing journey to discover yourself! Do you know how an electric switch works? No matter how many big bulbs you fix in that electric socket, they won’t light up, until you turn the switch on. Prof. Abdul Samad’s sessions work exactly like that. These sessions switch on your brain, your potential, your skills and your true happiness. It helps you attain the real health, happiness & success in your life. Human beings are bestowed with extraordinary powers. We are like doors that haven’t been opened yet, just imagine the treasures that await us once we open those doors wide. Did you know you have the ability to increase your willpower in a natural way? Our mind plays an important role in our life. Nothing in our life ‘just happens’. We attract positivity as well as negativity to ourselves. If negative things are happening to you, then switch your brain’s function to positive. Positivity generates creativity. Success depends upon finding creative ways to excel in life. The more creative you are in your life, the more successful you will be. Prof. Abdul Samad teaches these self-discovery techniques and much more in the most natural and enjoyable way so you could feel inner happiness and joy while going through this self-discovery process. You can also watch the video on the topic of ‘Discover Yourself’ by Prof. Abdul Samad. The most remarkable thing about Prof. Abdul Samad’s training sessions is that he relates to you. In a class of 700 people, for instance, he will speak to you as if he is addressing only you. What’s the reason behind? The reason behind is the language of truth he speaks. That language resonates with all human beings like an echo. He connects us to our basic purpose in life. He makes us realize why we were created and what our true role is in this world. The best quality a teacher can have is to guide his students to a bright and positive path that will lead them to health, happiness & success.

Last, but not the least we want to share our core beliefs with you:

Our goal is to attain Health, Happiness & Success…….. by remaining in Present & gaining Power with the help of Positivity!