ZSSRC invites you to bring a positive change in your life & others living around...

Everyone is invited to join ZSSRC in a variety of ways listed below: 1- Become A Healer2- Become An Affiliate3- Become A Referral Partner

Become A Healer

If you want to use the universal healing powers to heal all kinds of issues regarding your ‘Physical, Psychological & Spiritual Health’ with no side effect then come & attend SAMDA healing sessions to ‘Become A Healer Yourself’! Yes, you just ‘Need to Attend 2-3 Sessions’ (depending upon the number of levels you are going to do) to get attuned to SAMDA Healing System to heal yourself & others successfully. Today thousands of SAMDA healers are applying this miraculous & fastest healing energy to cure ‘Mild to Chronic’ diseases successfully without a single case of having any side effect. No specific education or skills are required to become a healer. Every human being (male or female) can become able to heal himself & others after getting attunement from Prof. Abdul Samad during the session. So COME & JOIN US to get rid of all types of problems you are facing today to pave the ‘Real Way for Health, Happiness & Success’ in your Life! For registration, kindly fill the form with correct information & submit. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Become An Affiliate & Practice SAMDA Professionally

We are offering a great opportunity of affiliation to those students who want to practice ‘World's Most Successful Healing System SAMDA’ as a profession at their clinics or in hospitals. We warmly welcome them to get affiliated with ZSSRC & practice it professionally anywhere in the world. For Details, contact here.

Become A Referral Partner

We welcome everyone to work with us by spreading the word about our programs to bring more & more people to join the World Most Powerful Healing System. We would love to compensate for their efforts and quality time they will invest to spread this light among other people still having no information about it. This compensation can either be in the form of cash or can be adjusted in the fees of courses, according to the preferences of our referral partner. For Details, contact here.

Want to Join Us?