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SAMDA is a ‘Positive Life Healing Force’ which ends all types of negative effects from your life to make you healthy and successful in a real sense. One has to get attuned with universal healing energies during SAMDA healing sessions. SAMDA is the fastest healing method today with 0% side effect. Everyone can learn SAMDA to cure almost all types of diseases successfully.

Every physical or mental disorder has its own level of severity. That is why the recovery period also varies from case to case. It can take ‘few minutes to a few months’ to cure a disease in 80% to 90% cases. Just in a few cases, it can take longer depending upon the certain conditions and factors involved in them, however, SAMDA fastest healing force starts its working from the very first time it has been applied to break down the negative impact with its strong positive influence.

With the help of SAMDA Healing System, one can heal & cure all types of physical, mental & spiritual issues with no side effect at all. Diseases and issues cured by SAMDA successfully include: Physical Illnesses: Insomnia, Joint Pain, Hair Fall, Acne Scars, Skin Problems, Obesity, Asthma, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Thyroid Problems, Drug Abuse, Malaria, Jaundice, Infertility, Kidney/ Gall bladder Stones, Lung Infections, Hepatitis (A,B,C,E), Cancer, Heart Issues, Physical Disability, Brain Tumor, Arthritis, Osteoporosis and many more. Mental Disorders: Stress, Anxiety, Tension, Depression, Fear, Phobia, Negative Thinking, Lack of Confidence and Motivation etc. Spiritual Problems: Negative Effects of Evil Eye or Magic etc.

SAMDA is considered the world best healing method today because of its strong positive effect on all aspects of human life with 0% side effect. While healing a physical ailment, SAMDA brings a positive change in mental & spiritual health as well. And while applying for a mental disorder, it improves the level of physical fitness & spiritual stability as well. Such a wider range of positive impact over the life of a patient while having no side effect at all makes it the fastest healing technique to deal with all kinds of issues. For being positive life energy, SAMDA not only cures a specific disease but also removes all types of negative effects from a person’s life to create overall peace & harmony in his personality and the surrounding environment. Dealing with all types of issues at the same time with no side effect to bring an overall positive change to one’s life is what actually makes it the most effective healing system today.

It takes only 2-4 sessions, depending upon the level you are going to do, to become a SAMDA Healer. During session a person gets attunement to become a healer & can start healing others instantly. The power of healing increases with regular practice & with the number of diseases a healer cures. Healers who are applying SAMDA on regular basis to heal themselves and others have stronger healing powers than those who are not applying it properly or regularly.

SAMDA natural healing force can be applied along with all types of acceptable treatment or healing methods. It can work along with them & can enhance their influence to cure a disease in shorter period of time. It can actually accelerate the process of treatment & subside the negative side effects involved in other treatment methods. This is the very reason behind why doctors, scholars, reiki practitioners, psychiatrists, physicians, orthopedics & other professionals are learning and applying SAMDA successfully for all types of problems we are facing today.

There is no specific criteria for becoming a SAMDA Healer. Every human being irrespective of age, gender, culture & creed can become a SAMDA Healer.


‘Re-Hops’ means ‘Re-attunement’ or ‘Taking Attunement Again’ to increase your energy flow and re-activate blocked energy centers.

After taking Re-Hops: 1. You feel more energetic and fresh due to the increased flow of energy.2. Blocked energy centers get reactivated to ensure enhanced energy flow.3. Your healing system gets updated with a fresh attunement and a lot of questions/confusions get cleared during the session. New tips, techniques, ideas and experiences are shared to make you a better healer.4. You feel increased mind power and enhanced healing frequency. Students prefer to take re-hops not only to get re-attunement but also to get latest tips and techniques to become a better healer.

We have launched the facility of online healing session for new and old students both so everyone could take benefit of latest updates and research done to make it the most powerful and successful healing system with every passing day.

No, it is not. The purpose of re-hops sessions is to remove blockages created in energy centers and to update your healing system for enhanced performance. But we believe that the best way to keep your healing energy at optimal level is to ‘heal others’. Once you get attuned for the first time, it remains for life. No one can block it. But those who don’t heal others, don’t even apply it regularly or face extreme negative circumstances in their life need a refreshing attunement. Re-Hops is the answer for such situations. Those who apply it regularly and heal others to relieve their pain, misery and distress, don’t need to take Re-Hops as a must. It is their own choice to get updated attunement or not.

We believe and clearly say it in every session that the best way to increase your healing power is to ‘Heal Others’. You can go with healing yourself as well to keep it activated and working but the real purpose of this powerful healing system is to spread the light of health and happiness. ‘Heal Others’ to make their life healthy, happy and successful. Save the people around you with the light you have, alleviate their miseries, give them hope to get back to a happy life, help them to get out of miserable and hopeless conditions safely and above all do it with Honesty and Respect for all creatures particularly the ‘Human Beings, the Most Powerful and Respectable creature in this universe’ irrespective of creed and culture.

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