We all admit that forgiveness is a great virtue which gives you the peace of mind and heart but what if a person keeps on forgiving the ones who are taking advantage of this virtue? Can we still justify this act as a source of blessing for all or not? The answer is ‘NO’. If you keep on forgiving those people taking advantage of your kindness, it will end up strengthening the undesirable phenomenon of exploitation rather than becoming a source of blessing. Forgiving the continuous negative acts is a foolish act which makes you like a slave and wastes all positive powers you can use for better purposes. Self-kindness is key to successBuilding great futureWorld is Strange - HowMeditation for healing – how to do It does not end here. It develops a sense of slavery on one side and a sense of cruelty and inhumanity on the other side which transfers from generation to generation to build a vast nexus of invisible master-slave relationship where a specific minority keeps on taking advantage of a vast foolish majority in the name of forgiveness, kindness and compromise. Such behavior becomes a part of our genes which transmits from generation to generation. That’s why we are seeing inhuman behavior, misery and exploitation all over the world today.