Research says that every human being can have 12k to 60k thoughts every day, out of which more than 90% comprises the previous day’s thoughts & around 80% are negative. Now what to do with this 80% of negative thoughts? And does time play any role in getting rid of these thoughts? Yes, time matters here a lot. If you don’t divert a negative thought or change it with a positive one in FIRST 13 SECONDS, it becomes repetitive in nature and accumulates a wider space in your mind. It means you should not only focus on getting rid of negative thoughts but should focus on doing it ‘FAST’ before they occupy your whole thinking. First, you need to focus on one simple thing; train your brain. Yes, train your brain to expel it out and replace it with something better, better if you do within the first 13 seconds. Here are certain ways you can use to train your brain to act accordingly.


To do anything, you need to believe yourself, the same rule applies here. Before doing anything first believe that you can get rid of it by whatever step you are going to take.


Go outside to change your environment. Take a walk in fresh air. It will make your brain active and fresh. Research proves that after walk your brain can concentrate better and become strong enough to flush out the disturbing thoughts.


Do something interesting to keep your mind busy and focused. While doing an interesting activity (creative or entertaining) your brain will work in present leaving no space to contain anything painful at all.


To defeat anything, you need a stronger force to be used as a defender. To kill the negative though, cultivate an opposing positive thought and repeat it in your mind. Repetition will make your mind believe that it’s true and the previously disturbing thought was weak and false. This practice will help to kill it gradually.


If you think you can’t handle it alone, don’t hesitate to get help. It can be from any side; your friends, your family or an expert. Discuss the issue before it engulfs your life. It will remove the burden from your mind and you’ll be in a better position to deal with it.

Most importantly, remember that you are not alone. Everyone in this world is messing up with a lot of negative thoughts crossing their minds (as mentioned in the start) but the way they deal with it differs in every case. It means that having negative thoughts and getting rid of them are just a part of natural human life. Go ahead and get rid of it to live a happy, healthy and successful life again, as billions around the world are doing... And if you are not sure how to do this, LET US DO IT FOR YOU.


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