We observe various kinds of jealousies in everyday life including professional jealousies. It can either be a form of extreme inferiority complex or a hidden fear of losing everything in the presence of someone more powerful within the same circle of professional skills. Whatever the reason behind, but such people can NEVER BE SUCCESSFUL. They create a deep dark network of negative energies around themselves which eventually ENGULF THEM FOREVER. No one can take anything from anyone. Those who try to do this actually go against the law of nature and hurt themselves severely. Just ask yourself, who can give you if Allah does not want to give and who can take anything from you if Allah has decided to bless you. Absolutely NO ONE CAN EVER DO! So be careful of your thoughts and intentions. Never be like such people and always focus on your abilities. All successful persons in the world mainly focus on their own abilities and make their own way by improving their products or services instead of creating false propaganda against their competitors. Those who always try to get others down only pave the way for their ULTIMATE DEFEAT and GET SWALLOWED by the nasty quagmire they have made for others. Like a lion never prefers eating other’s food or never focuses on what others are eating. Lion trusts itself and hunts to fulfill its needs. It prefers dying but never goes for other’s food and never try to get what others left. This thing makes it the KING of the jungle where it needs no vote or verification from dogs, wolves, foxes or other beasts living in the same vicinity. Remember only the difference in values creates the difference in positions we actually achieve in our life. Know the lion within yourselfGreat minds small mindsTrust Yourself – the best person to trust is youLet your haters be your motivators Now it’s your choice, what you want to become…..A Lion focusing and trusting its own abilities and powers or a dog/wolf searching for other’s leftovers to feed itself. Your decision will make your destiny so think a million times before you take a side. Stay positive, stay focused and trust yourself for a dream life you want to live. It is the only way to have lasting happiness and success in your life. Must join us at Instagram @health.happiness.success for daily motivational & inspirational quotes