SAMDA healing frequency power means that it has different frequencies at different levels. It includes lower, middle, high, higher, and the highest level of frequency.

The power of healing energy depends upon the level a healer applies on himself or the patient. It defines the level of frequency you transfer to your own body during self-healing or to others’ in case of others’ healing. Each level of SAMDA has a different frequency. The frequency of: 1- SAMDA levels 1 & 2 are called life force2- SAMDA levels 3 & 4 are called sharp force3- SAMDA levels 5 through 8 are called middle force (middle frequency power)4- SAMDA levels 9 & 10 are called high-frequency power5- SAMDA Master level 1 through 4 are called high holding power6- SAMDA Master level 5 through 8 are called highest level power While SAMDA Grand Master level and Grand Grand Master levels have more power respectively.


With this level, we heal basic physical and psychological issues, including pain, tension, stress, irrational behavior, etc. It helps to control your anger, change your thinking, lower negative energy, and increase positive energy. Though this level is for basic issues only, I have seen that out of 100 students, around 15 to 20 have cured chronic issues with this level. So, it depends on students as to how far they can go with the given level of energy. While on the other hand, those who don’t understand it or don’t apply it as taught, go for doing the higher level and get the solution for their physical or psychological disease. Samda level 1 & 2 provides treatment for all kinds of primary physical/psychological diseases. Primary physical diseases include body pain, fever, headache, toothache, lethargy, tiredness, everyday digestive problems etc while psychological issues include tension, depression, stress, mental pressure, fear, undue fear, unknown fear, different psychological diseases, respiratory problems, allergic lungs etc. All kinds of phobias can also be treated with this basic level of SAMDA.


SAMDA level 3 & 4 help the above levels of 1 & 2. In this level, you are connected to a universal healing power at a low frequency. In this way, with level 3, we can transfer this positive energy to different things, like water, food or anything we use or consume. If we energize water with level 3 and drink it all day, it keeps us positive, active, and energetic. We feel good and happy all day long, healing our physical and psychological issues. When you drink energized water all day: 1- It removes negativity from your personality and thoughts.2- Your negative emotions start coming under control and you feel calm.3- It boosts your mind and body performance and you feel that you are changing now.4- You start enjoying your life like never before. Even if you have no relationships, no wealth, and no health, you start to hope and begin to feel the power You feel that you are living your life to the fullest in the way you’ve never thought about before. You feel that you are a real supreme creature, a power that can do anything it wants to do. ENERGIZING THINGS & PLACES WITH LEVEL 3 Level 3 can be applied in a variety of ways. It’s a powerful tool, but if you think you are not getting enough results, then, along with transferring energy to anything you consume or use, you can energize your home and office, too. You can energize any place with it and remove the negative energies from there. You can energize all things used in your kitchen. You can energize your bed, your clothes, and anything else you use. If you energize your home, you will feel peace and happiness at home. In your office, you can energize your chair, table, and surroundings. It will boost your performance and productivity, resulting in better financial deals. You will feel happy and energetic and have a smile on your face. Others working with you will notice your positive and productive behavior and will build better relationship with you. You will stop giving a stressed, angry, or confused look to other people, which was a source of negative energy for others working with you. They will see your change, your positivity, power, and productiveness. When you trust that you have changed now and you are the best person in the universe, you make great decisions and bring a pleasant change in your life and others completely. Also, you can apply it on plants for better growth and on pets to make them more loyal and tamed. LEAVING BAD HABITS WITH LEVEL 3 If you want to leave a bad habit, like laziness or smoking, it helps to get rid of that habit successfully. Some people develop the habit of laziness thinking it harmless. It is actually a kind of serious disease which can ruin your own self, your family, and the coming generation. I’ve discussed this thing in my book “The Secret of Success” in detail. We can reduce laziness with this level and become more energetic, powerful, and active. DISTANCE HEALING WITH LEVEL 4 In level 4 we send distance healing to anyone living in any corner of the world. You can heal people while just sitting, without having to touch them. GROUP HEALING WITH LEVEL 4 A student also learns to do group healing to heal a number of patients at one time. The method of healing multiple persons in front of you or anywhere in the world is taught during the training sessions (live session or online training sessions). Benefits of level 3 & 4 are amazing. It can change the direction of your thinking and take you to a very positive side of life very easily. Even if you think that you have suffered from evil eye, ghosts, or magic, you can cure it with level 3 successfully. If you think that such negative effects exist in your life and the lives of others, whether it’s your own thinking or reality, you can completely cure it with level 3.


In level 5, we activate energy centers in your body. The human body has millions of energy centers, but, in level 5, we activate only the main energy centers. When your power gets on, you get this knowledge and awareness about yourself, this universe, and the invisible powers around you and inside of you. You learn to cure diseases and control your emotions completely. Our body is connected with our energy centers; our energy centers are connected with our soul, and our soul is connected with the universal invisible powers. There lie important energy centers that connect with those in the middle of our head, in the forehead, eyes (as a double energy center), throat, chest, hands, and billions of small energy centers throughout the rest of our bodies. According to an idea, it makes 1 trillion energy centers in our body as every cell has 1 energy center in it. In SAMDA level 5, when we activate our energy centers, we can cure many chronic diseases in ourselves and others. The diseases we can cure with level 5 include cancer, brain tumors, blood pressure, sugar, hepatitus, join pain and a lot more.


This is a very powerful spiritual level we use for 1- Fastest distance healing2- Meditation3- HSP (help of supernatural power) In your life, you might have felt hopeless in certain situations and have asked for help from the creator of this universe. In level 6, getting the help of the Creator of this universe is not a difficult thing. You feel a strong and close connection with Him, who will give you all the help you need. You can do deep meditation in this level. In the first part of level 6, you do fastest distance healing which has higher frequency power as compared to level 4. In level 4, you need to know the name and location of a patient before you send healing; sometimes a photograph was enough. But in the case of level 6, you don’t need anything. When a patient calls you to send healing. You devote only a few seconds to send the healing, and then you can forget it. Shortly after that, your patient will call to let you know all is well. Therefore, after learning level 6, you don’t need to use level 4 for distance healing, but you have to complete level 4 before you reach level 6 because this is, as said before, a step-by-step process everyone has to go through. With this distance healing, patients get healed fast and easily. Level 6 will give you more strong powers that you will be able to use for fastest healing.


In level 7, we heal those diseases and issues which have been left uncured in the previous levels. For example, we heal the eye issues directly with level 7, without using any of the previous levels. After finishing level 7, you don’t need to apply any previous levels to heal your eyes. Also, we can get control over our body temperatures. Some people are sensitive in nature and can’t tolerate extreme weather conditions. With SAMDA Level 7 you will learn to control your sweating during harsh hotness because you will be able to control yourself and your body temperature, allowing yourself to remain calm and relaxed at all times. In SAMDA Level 7, we can control a lot of things, even the gravitational force. We have applied it on a number of things and made them lighter in weight to easily lift them. Moreover, we can connect to other Earth’s forces like air, water, soil, and fire to control them to some extent. In case of a fire, we can control the heat and perform a firewalk. But I think that the most important thing in level 7 is to cure those chronic issues that still remain uncured after levels 5 & 6. We can do psychic surgery with the help of level 7 and operate the affected part of the body. We can also send it to other patients at a distance with the help of level 6. Level 7 completely cures those chronic issues where surgery is required. It roots out the disease successfully and indefinitely. Though level 7 has powerful healing energy of a very high frequency, we can also use level 5 with it to enhance its healing power. Just like in level 5, the healing power in level 7 is used by activating energy centers and allowing the healing power to automatically heal the issue. We can also add HSP part of level 6 with it to get the help from the spiritual power. But some specific issues like skin problems, obesity, and gender-related diseases can be cured with level 8 only.


We use level 8 for 3 types of issues: 1- Skin problems2- Obesity3- Special gender-related issues SAMDA level 8 has helped many couples to made them have healthy and beautiful babies with proper healing methods taught during the training. In this process, we train them to energize things and use them to improve their married life and cure all kinds of related issues. And we have got great results in most of the cases.


SAMDA level 9 is extremely strong and powerful. It has 10 parts. Every part has its own world of powerful energies. After completing level 9, we don’t need to apply levels 1 to 8 anymore as these levels are not equal to the parts of level 9. Therefore, after doing level 9, we use only this level to heal all kinds of issues. We can heal very chronic issues with this level. We have got the best results of level 9 in our students. We can also use every part of level 9 to energize things, but specific parts for energizing are part 3 & part 9 of the level 9. Part 10 of level 9 can be used to energize machines which are used in curing and giving strong results. After level 9, you can go for the Master level. You can do the Master level for SAMDA 1-4, SAMDA 5-8, and SAMDA 9. You can do Master level any time after completing that level. Like if you have done SAMDA 1-4, you can do its Master level without doing SAMDA level 5 to 8 or 9 and so on.


Level 10 has many parts and has a vast world of immense healing powers. In this level, we work with very powerful forces and convert our body to energy in order to connect with them. In this way, we can go to find the real world and its realities. After level 10, there are more levels, including level 11 to level 14, but those will be discussed in the coming books. This one was all about SAMDA 1-10, and I hope that I’ve managed to bring you understanding it in a simple & comprehensive manner.

What kind of diseases can be cured with SAMDA?

The proofs of SAMDA healing powers & the diseases which have been successfully treated are briefly listed: SAMDA neutralizes the toxins produced in the body & revitalizes the Immune System of the body so that people are less prone to diseases or don’t fall prey to chronic diseases. SAMDA effectively treats headache, backache, joint-pains, low fever, muscle-pain, strain & Pediatric problems. Lung-allergy, Chronic Pneumonia, Asthma, Deficiency in oxygen-flow due to lung-weakness, Acute lung-deficiency, Cough, Toxins within the lungs, General weakness of all thoracic organs, Alterations in lung spongy tissue, Shortness of breath, etc are easily curable with SAMDA. Psychological problems such as Fear, Undue fear, Problems with normal sleep, Tension, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Phobia, Frustration, Negative thoughts, Schizophrenia, Noctambulism (Sleepwalking), Getting nervous, Dizziness, Illusion, Short temper, Psychological confusion, Lygophobia (fear of darkness),  Acrophobia (fear of heights), Daemonophobia (fear of demons), Zoophobia/Entomophobia (fear of harmless animals/insects),  Kakorrhaphiophobia (fear of failure), Fear of unemployment, Fear of oratory, Fear of teachers, Fear of parents within offspring, Fear of life being futile, Fear of some superior officer, Fear of parting with someone, Fear of contacting any disease, etc can easily be controlled with this method. With SAMDA diseases of the alimentary canal such as Peptic ulcer, Intestinal ulcer, Inflammation & acidity of the alimentary canal, Flatulence, Constipation & Hemorrhoids, Headache, Stomachache, Facial pain, Hypertension, Hypotension, Foul odor from the oral cavity, Getting rid of bad habits in kids, Discomfort in teeth, Toothache, Fright or Obstinacy in children, Speech debility, Recurring fear, Anorexia (loss of appetite), Vomits out milk, Nocturnal urination during sleep, Consumes dust, Frequent bouts of sleep due to weakness, Abdominal parasitic worms, Diarrhea during dental growth, Disability in treading, Pneumonia, Vomits milk soon after intake, Fever along with stomachache, Ceases breathing while weeping, Tonsillitis, Lack of concentration in studies, Retardation in mental growth, Dry Cough, Nail-biting, Sneezes, Inadequate food intake, Malaria, Typhoid fever, etc can be treated effectively. All other lethal ailments like Inflammation of the hands, feet & face due to hepatic malfunction, Hyperglycemia, Cancer, Chronic arthritis, Pain in the backbone or its inter-vertebrae discs, Pain & crookedness in bones, Muscle strain, Neck pain, Pain in cranial bones, Brittleness of bones, Chronic fever, Cardiac arrest, Blockage in cardiac valves, Inadequate cardiac function, Shrinkage in coronary blood-vessels, Worsening Hypertension, Irregular heartbeat & pulse, Re-absorption of toxins into the bloodstream due to nephrological disorder, Ill-effects on overall body-systems due to impaired renal filtration can be cured efficaciously employing SAMDA Healing Energy. Besides, Conjunctivitis, Both types of cataract, Squintiness, Deformation in the eye-ball, Irritative & watery eyes, Fatigued eyes, Black circles around the eyes, Unwanted facial marks, Acne, Pimples, Rashes, Skin allergy, listless face, enlivening up dull-looking face, Facial allergy due to certain eatables, Scabies, Scars from burns, etc can be dealt with absolute ease. Obesity is the mother of a majority of diseases; it also lessens the outward physique of a person. It gives rise to Hypertension & Shortness of breath which can perfectly be cured with SAMDA. SAMDA Healing Process can be effectively applied for the treatment of Renal obstruction due to calciferous deposits, Malignant or benign tumors & weak eyesight even in minors. SAMDA Healing System is a Universal Force that augments the internal & external forces of man, naturally treats & beautifies your face. SAMDA Healing System also aids well in the treatment of pets & other animals. Especially when the veterinary disease is undiagnosed, SAMDA imparts a positively docile mood & behavior to the ailing animal, turning it healthier, more obedient & loyal. SAMDA Healing System also serves as our companion during commutation; it keeps us safe from accidents & guarantees a more comfortable, safer journey. SAMDA Healing System enriches your life with happiness, enabling you to spend life with peace, tranquility, satisfaction & ease of mind. SAMDA turns the surrounding into a more comfortable, peaceful & relaxed one. SAMDA creates warmth in winters and coolness in summers. The practitioner of SAMDA can exercise control over his undue appetite & thus, overcomes the tendency of obesity. This very System also aids us in the process of Meditation. SAMDA acts as a shield for us against all negative impacts present in any given location like the ill-effects of paranormal beings or sorcery.

The level of cure also depends upon the severity of the issue and the frequency of level you are applying to heal it. We never claim to heal all types of issues with 100% success. But yes, SAMDA has cured cancer and other chronic issues in a lot of cases, taking few weeks to months or even more, depending upon the severity of that issue. And the success rate of SAMDA is higher than all other kinds of treatments and healing methods. That’s why we call it the ‘World’s Most Successful Healing System’.

To learn SAMDA Levels in detail, please read this book.

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