‘Metaphysical Sciences’ is a great book to read about some universal facts and realities which are still missing in modern science. Prof. Abdul Samad, the author, has discussed all aspects of metaphysical sciences one needs to know about in order to understand this mysterious field of study. The main line of topics covers modern meditation, yoga, NLP, reiki, hypnosis, reflexology and telepathy. But the real thing which makes it a unique book is revealing the amazing facts about a weird creature underground. This creature is called Zheeli creature to whom Prof. Abdul Samad has been contacted and boosted his inborn healing powers. This fact has lead to the foundation of Zheel Sciences actually where Prof. Samad started training his students to use the powers of SAMDA, HMF & PMBL. Those who are interested to know about SAMDA can read the complete book of SAMDA healing system too but for knowing about human magnetism and the basis of whole Zheel network, this book ‘Metaphysical Sciences’ can be a unique addition on their bookshelf.

Topics Discussed

I took a pen in my hands with the spirit of social services. When the pen started its work on the paper, I felt that now I would render social services in a better way as compared to the past.

What is Meditation/Modern Meditation?Search of Physical & Invisible PowerYoga (Types, History, Advantages, Asans)Amazing Zheel YogZheeza (Mu) CivilizationHelping Mountain (Samdi) HillContact with Zheeli CreatureDiscovery of a Weird Creature & Underground WorldKhair Andesh and I in the Underground WorldAmazing Truth about Zheel of EgyptVisible Hops on Zheels (Pyramids) in the worldWhat is N.L.P.? PrinciplesReiki – Dr. Mikao UsuiMiracles/ Spiritual Regulations of ReikiChor Gero HayashiTelepathy

How to Attain Telepathy?Yog and TelepathyReflexology, Acupressure, Zone therapy (RAZ)What is Hypnosis?Levels of ConsciousnessAuto SuggestionHealing through HypnosisSelf Hypnotizing MethodsHuman MagnetismAnimal MagnetismColour TherapyHow to Use Colors for TreatmentWhat is Zheel Sciences?Hops ZheelSamda & its LevelsWhich Diseases can be Treated by Samda?