Here is the collection of Best Natural Health Books written by Prof. Abdul Samad, World Renowned Researcher and Grand Master Healer. Prof. Abdul Samad has been the best spiritual guide and teacher to people coming from various walks of life. His students include doctors, healers, professionals, businessmen, housewives, parents, students, scholars and natural health experts etc. Prof. Abdul Samad has written 15 books on natural health and alternative medicine to create awareness about the importance of natural and healthy lifestyle. Some of the best books are available here & more will be available soon for valued readers. These books contain unique valuable information on natural health and reveal wonderful secrets about hidden healing powers, self healing techniques, natural self grooming tactics and a lot more you’ll never find elsewhere. So if you are interested to read books about natural health, self healing and self healing attunement, order the following books now and we’ll send you these self healing books within few days.(depending upon your location.)

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'PMBL - Power of Mind and Body Languages' is a unique book written by Prof. Abdul Samad. Read this book to explore the power of your mind language, the power of your body language and other languages working behind everything you think or do. Understand these languages to reach the desired level of success in your personal, professional and spiritual life. Buy it now and become a positive, powerful and successful person today.

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HUMAN MAGNETIC FORCE (HMF) - 100% Proven Formula to Achieve Guaranteed Success in Life ACHIEVE YOUR AIM OF LIFE by Achieving Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Goals Successfully. Step by Step Strategy to Get What You Want in Your Life…. Get Connected with Universal Magnetic Powers to Attract Success, Happiness & Prosperity in Positive & Easy to Implement Way. Read & Discover Yourself Why It’s Called the Unique Success Formula for Goal Achievement.

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What is SAMDA Healing Energy

Have you ever thought about healing yourself & others in 100% natural, 100% positive & above all 100% side effect free way? Have you ever wished to help others reliving their pains & healing their chronic issues without having a big degree or long-term training? Do you really believe living a natural life with real health & happiness in this artificial world? If yes, there is a way to fulfill all these desires and change your life by improving your physical & mental health in a purely natural & easy way. In this book, you will read about the world’s most successful healing system which has benefitted millions of people around the world during the last two decades. The best thing is that everyone can learn it in a few hours with no condition of age, gender, education, culture, creed etc. So must give it a read & see how SAMDA, the universal healing power, can make you live a happy & healthy life actually with no side effect ever.

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The Secret of Success

After changing the lives of thousands of people during the last 2 decades through workshops, books, TV shows and videos, Prof. Abdul Samad decided to write this short & simple book for everyone who wants to live a happy, healthy & successful life and needs simple and easy methods to change his life and others altogether. This small & simple book will take just 2 hours to change your life through simple techniques & motivational quotes specifically written by him. Let’s see what you will learn in it: 1. How to change your thinking and use it as the main source of your success?2. How to control your emotions by understanding their influence on your mental & physical health?3. What is the #1 thing all successful people do to in the start of their day?4. How to achieve your goals & get 100% success by utilizing your mind & body powers, excellences & power of present?5. How successful people tackle severe opposition and baseless criticism?6. How to stay fit & lose weight without dieting?7. How to be happy and understand the beauties of life?8. How to change yourself to change the world around like a successful person? He believes that everyone has a lion but few know it. Can you discover the lion inside you? Read this book and write an honest review about what you have actually learned and what changes you can bring in your life NOW?

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World's Most Successful Healing System - SAMDA

This book ‘World’s Most Successful Healing System – SAMDA’, reveals the amazing secrets of natural healing powers locked inside every human being. Prof. Abdul Samad who is the founder of SAMDA Healing System, Grand Grand Master Healer & Natural Health Expert, has written this book after the research of many years. He has designed SAMDA healing course for training people and making them heal themselves & others naturally to live a happy, healthy & successful life. This book is an effort to make people know, what is SAMDA healing energy, why they should learn it & how they can change their lives & other’s too, as millions of healers are already doing with this miraculous life healing force. SAMDA is 100% positive, side-effect free & 99% powerful natural healing system as compared to all other types of healing systems discovered so far. If you want to become a natural healer yourself but having lots of questions & curiosity in your mind regarding this modern natural healing system, then buy this book & decide yourself what should you do to make your life better than what you dream of.


Metaphysical Sciences

This book ‘Metaphysical Sciences’ is a great book to read about some universal facts and realities which are still missing in modern science. Prof. Abdul Samad, the author, has discussed all aspects of metaphysical sciences one needs to know about in order to understand this mysterious field of study. The main line of topics covers modern meditation, yoga, NLP, Reiki, hypnosis, reflexology and telepathy. But the real thing which makes it a unique book is revealing the amazing facts about a weird creature underground. This creature is called Zheeli creature to whom Prof. Abdul Samad has been contacted and boosted his inborn healing powers. This fact has lead to the foundation of Zheel Sciences actually where Prof. Samad started training his students to use the powers of SAMDA, HMF & PMBL. Those who are interested to know about SAMDA can read the complete book of SAMDA healing system too but for knowing about human magnetism and the basis of whole Zheel network, this book ‘Metaphysical Sciences’ can be a unique addition on their bookshelf.


The Secret World of Healing Energies

This book ‘The Secret World of Healing Energies’ is a collection of secrets related to unseen human healing powers and their impact on human life. Prof. Abdul Samad has discussed the concept of energy, its kinds, sources and miracles in detail. SAMDA healing energy, amazing Zheel hops energy & Reiki are mainly discussed in this book. For SAMDA, one has to be registered for SAMDA healing course but for Reiki, the whole method of self-attunement is described in this book. You can read about reiki origin and facts, reiki master training, methods of Reiki attunements, reiki self-attunement, corona reiki system, Usui Reiki of Tibetan, emotional healing and much more about miraculous hops Zheel & SAMDA in this book. After reading this book one can become a Reiki healer himself and start using this healing power safely. So if you are interested in learning unique and powerful healing methods then this book can be a comprehensive guide in this regard. And if you want to become the best healer, read about SAMDA and Zheel Sciences and come to us for connecting with the universal healing powers during the live or online healing session with Prof. Abdul Samad.


Control Depression through Natural Methods

This book ‘Control Depression through Natural Methods’ is a complete guide on controlling your depression through natural methods and the amazing powers of your thinking. Depression is a severe state of deviation from the natural healthy state of mind and can be set back to the track by applying the mind powers in a proper way. This book explains the whole phenomenon of depression control and related therapies in a detailed way. It starts from the very basic definition of depression, its causes & symptoms and move onto the methods of control step by step. It discusses the role of modern meditation, yoga, natural healing powers, positive thinking, mind powers, confidence building, balanced diet, breathing therapy and scientific facts essential to be known to control depression in a natural and safe way. Particularly the '7-day Special Zheel Yog Exercises Plan' of Prof. Abdul Samad to control depression is discussed in detail in this book. Many people have changed their lives by controlling depression in this way so you can also do if facing this distressing situation for any reason and live a happy and healthy life successfully.


Natural Healing Methods

This book ‘Natural Healing Methods’ is a very informative book to discuss all types of alternative medicines. It is a great source of information for those who want to keep their lives safe from the lethal effects of modern medicine. In this book, you can read about natural healing powers, homeopathy, aromatherapy, music therapy, huna therapy, yoga, crystal & gemstone therapy, magnetotherapy, hydrotherapy, color therapy and herbal therapy etc. After reading this book, one can understand why Zheel Sciences is solely focusing on educating people about the importance of natural life and natural medicine. The amazing natural healing powers and human magnetism discussed in this book can turn a distressed, diseased and unsuccessful life into a happy, healthy and successful life in a purely natural way. Prof. Samad (the author & the founder of Zheel Sciences) has written this book as an important part of the series of steps he has taken to create awareness about natural and healthy life which is only possible when we learn to heal our diseases through natural healing powers and achieve our goals through human magnetic forces locked inside us. If you want to use natural healing and magnetic powers to change your life completely and want detailed information about various methods of natural treatment then you must give at least a read to this book Natural Medicine, written by Prof. Abdul Samad after researching and applying all discussed natural treatments himself.


These natural healing books are available in English and Urdu languages to make our audience read and understand them according to their languages preferences. NOTE: eBooks are also available now and ready for sale on their respective pages. You can also call us or contact here to order any book you want to read.