‘Natural Healing Methods’ is a very informative book by Prof. Abdul Samad to discuss all types of alternative medicines. It is a great source of information for those who want to keep their lives safe from the unhealthy effects of modern unhealthy life. In this book, you can read about natural healing powers, homeopathy, aromatherapy, music therapy, huna therapy, yoga, crystal & gemstone therapy, magnetotherapy, hydrotherapy, color therapy and herbal therapy etc. After reading this book, one can understand why Zheel Sciences is solely focusing on educating people about the importance of natural life and natural medicine. The amazing natural healing powers and human magnetism discussed in this book can turn a distressed, diseased and unsuccessful life into a happy, healthy and successful life in a purely natural way. Prof. Samad (the author & the founder of Zheel Sciences) has written this book as an important part of the series of steps he has taken to create awareness about natural and healthy life which is only possible when we learn to heal our diseases through universal healing powers and achieve our goals by using powerful universal magnetic forces. If you want to use natural healing and magnetic powers to change your life completely and want detailed information about various methods of natural treatment then you must give a read to this book Natural Medicine, written by Prof. Abdul Samad after researching and applying all discussed natural treatments himself.

Topics Discussed

I took a pen in my hands with the spirit of social services. When the pen started its work on the paper, I felt that now I would render social services in a better way as compared to the past.

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