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Introducing SAMDA ...

The Most Effective, Incredible, Spiritual, and Result-Oriented Healing Energy.

Now You Can be A part a Worldwide Movement Of Healers Who Enjoy The Highest Rate of Success in The World – And All The Wisdom That Comes With It

Forget About All The "Healing" Methods That Don't Work – When you apply our 30-year-proven positive healing systems to any negativity, diseases, pain, chronic problems, or emotional blockages, you will be able to heal yourself and everyone around you in a fraction of the time!

Claim $7,300 In Free Courses

When You Get SAMDA Levels 1-8


Dear Future
Energy Healer

Did you know that the majority of people are so busy trying to resolve physical problems that they are unaware that every physical disease has an energy root?

Trust me, I should know!

My name is Dr. Abdul Samad, an inborn healer. Before I introduced SAMDA Healing Energy to the world 30 years ago, I had no idea how quickly people would grasp it and reap the benefits, but now millions have benefited. We have thousands of success stories in written and video form, because of the effective and rapid results of this amazing healing Energy, Thanks to everyone who adore me, that’s why they made my TV show the Top-rated, they love because they found most helpful person for humanity and for them. I worked hard and have a waste research and knowledge in this field and written numerous books.

When you're dealing with such issues, you rarely have time to grasp the fact that all matter is energy. You just have time to make it to your doctor's appointment, worry about what will happen if the sickness worsens, or fall for a well-deserved nap when you have some free time.

Now, over 30 years later, SAMDA Healing Energy is a PROVEN energy healing system with higher-than-all other healing methods!


Millions Benefited through my Books and Top Rated TV Shows



Samda is like a river, and it can easily absorb all other healing modalities. When you complete the Samda healer levels 1-8, you are automatically tuned to all kinds of Reiki Grand Master. Samda is 99.9 percent more powerful than other healing systems.

I’ve traveled to countries worldwide and spoken to thousands of people. I’ve personally helped thousands of people how to heal themselves, their friends, and their families.

Hear From the Samda Students

"I have fought with many health issues that no one understands throughout my life. My last hope was spiritual healing, and I have attended numerous classes to resolve them. I finally became a spiritual practitioner, and with myself healing, I began helping others who were experiencing similar difficulties. A few days later, one of my patients told me that he had learned Samda Healing and experienced excellent outcomes.
I wondered whether other spiritual healing techniques had better results than those I spent many years learning. I was curious and wanted experiences immediately, and then I did the Samda 1-8 levels. This course is deserving 100 out of 100! "I hope I could give Samda Healing Course even higher!" No doubt, Sir Samad is a great teacher and mentor in my life"
Lily Cardell-Oliver
"I was a master practitioner in numerous spiritual healing modalities. I believed there would be no more successful healing methods than those I have learned. Then, after some time I watched Dr. Samad's TV shows on many television Channels following him for many years and listened to Samda students shared their stories.
I was curious and wanted to experience Samda Healing. Then I registered in Samda levels 1-8 and Human Magnetic Force levels 1-2. After completing the Samda and HMF courses, I was proven wrong Samda is the most powerful healing system. If anyone decides to take one healing course ever in your life, take Samda Healing Energy. These courses transformed my life, thanks to the best Author, Mentor, Guru, and the best teacher of my life"
Adella Rizvi
"I was very interested in Reiki healing, and after conducting an online search. I found competent teachers are prohibitively expensive, and I'm on a tight budget with my studies. My college friend recommended Samda to me; he said to try the basic levels first, and if you don't like it, don't continue further. Now, I have completed Samda Levels 1-8. I’m no longer interested in learning reiki because Samda courses costs are a fraction of what a reiki master charges for one reiki master.
I have just completed Samda 1-8, and I am now a grandmaster of all types of reiki, and I can teach all reiki till master levels. I plan to begin teaching Reiki to bear my study expanse. Samda Healing empowered me. Samda self-healing improves my concentration, sharpens my thinking, makes me feel more energized, and gives me a constant sense of inner peace and happiness, which helps me in my studies. I am eternally grateful to Prof. Abdul Samad."
Michal Fletcher
"I saw numerous Chinese films from childhood. Several characters in these films play with some kinds of invisible powers to help others. That has never been seen in real life. I have always been fascinated by these Invisible powers and want to experience them. This search led me to several platforms, where I have learned numerous techniques to experiences those powers and eventually became an expert.
I have invested thousands of dollars in learning these powers, but still, I miss a sense of flow and am unsatisfied because I can’t help anyone. Then, more research led me to Samda Healing Energy. Honestly, I received more knowledge and powers in Samda, Human Magnetic Force(HMF), and The Power of Mind and Body Languages (PMBL) than in my many previous courses. Now I have no desire to learn any other modalities. Thanks to the excellent teacher Sir. Abdul Samad and his team, who introduces Samda to the world"
Shaming Hsü
"I have taken many courses and spent great money, efforts, and time in learning, but I achieved the higher levels of healing power with Samda healing Energy and HMF. The most important thing is that SAMDA Healing Energy and HMF are completely safe. For everyone, this is a life-changing course and opportunity. Samda Healing course is worth more than what anyone pays for it. Sir. Abdul Samad, you are an incredible person"
Joseph H. Herring
United Sate
"I was a healer of Reiki and has the experience of other spiritual techniques too. Still, I found Samda is 100% more powerful than different kinds of healing modalities the poof. After getting the healer level of Samda, I became a grandmaster of reiki automatically. Before getting I wasn't expecting Samda healing will have excellent result; I can't wait to be a Samda Master and practice more. Thanks for this opportunity, Prof. Samad"
Ernie Fontaine
I have the most incredible experience with Samda and HMF. It is impressive, and the most unbelievable thing is this I became a grandmaster of other healing methods by the healer level of Samda Healing and Human Magnetic Force (HMF). After a great experience with Samda, I recommend it for anyone seeking self-healing and enlightenment. Even those with short attention spans can follow. Lots of love and respect to Dr. Samad.
Fatihe Umarzai
"Extremely beneficial course! I was a different kind of Reiki master practitioner, but I found Samda Healing Energy is beyond our thinking and had excellent results. I am now a Samda healer and grand grandmaster of all types of reiki. Thanks to the great teacher Prof. Abdul Samad"
Hanna Miyan
"Deep. Insightful. And well worth the investment in time, energy, and efforts. I love the Samda Healing course. This is the perfect addition to my Skills, all types of reiki Grand Master free, and many more. I want to teach professionally and holistically, and now I can. Thank you"
Ali Gul
"I feel the spiritual presence of my teacher Abdul Samad, and this is a wonderful experience worth its weight in gold. After completing my Samda course, I decided to start a business as a reiki trainer and healer to serve humanity following my teacher and live independently. Thanks, Sir. Samad"
Adam Fisher
"The Samda Healing course is a wealth of knowledge with great benefits for self and other healing. I have completed the Samda Healing 1-8 course. I used to be a master of other healing systems, but with Samda Healing Energy and HMF. I realized I didn't need them anymore. I recommend it to everyone to become a successful healer of your mind, body, and soul"
Mahmut Seda
"Prof. Samad awarded my third certificate. He is a master of masters. All Samda and HMF levels are 100% positive, powerful, and satisfying. His way of teaching is remarkable. The benefits of Samda healing have restored calm and confidence in my life, which has brought me back to the highest level of Samda. It is the first and best decision of my life to learn from him"
Sabah Miray
"I have taken several Samda Healing courses and keep returning for more and more! Prof. Samad is a tremendous source of light and a kindred spirit in this world. He shares his precious knowledge with others. I would strongly advise you to enroll in one of his courses, and you will feel the tremendous changes in your life. Thank You, Prof. Samad and his Team.
Wallace Austin

And All of This Is Thanks to My

3 Scientific Discoveries

Here’s how each one of these amazing discoveries works:

SAMDA Is the Foundation Of Everything We Do

Imagine being able to re-activate the natural healing system within your body to eradicate diseases, pains, emotional blockages, trauma, and so much more! Every cell in your body is an energy center, and with SAMDA, you can reach them all.
It does not matter if you suffer from minor injuries or chronic, incurable diseases; SAMDA boasts over high success rate! And right now, we are giving away with SAMDA Levels 1-8 absolutely FREE courses to you as our special gift.

Claim $7,300 In Free Courses

When You Get SAMDA Levels 1-8


Human Electromagnetic Force

Achieve Effortless Success Inside & Out

Dr. Abdul Samad created HMF because he quickly realized energy healing could be used to create abundance and success in any area of life. After practicing SAMDA, your body is healthy – and now it’s time to enjoy your life!
With HMF, you turn every cell in your body into an energetic magnet that attracts to you everything you’ve ever dreamed of – love, purpose, wealth, and so much more – without the strain, hustle, and struggle of traditional success programs.
It’s pure science! If you’re ready, you can register below:

The Power of Mind And Body Language

This course is about the study of the Power of Mind, Body, and Languages of them

Unlock Effortless Relationships
With Dr. Abdul Samad’s final discovery, he unlocked the secrets of history’s most charismatic people, discovering what makes some people effortlessly attractive to others.
In our influencer culture, today more than ever, this information is much-needed! Now you too can enjoy influence, persuasiveness, and smooth relationships without arguments or problems thanks to the high energetic power of PMBL.

It’s Time To Say Goodbye…

When you learn SAMDA, HMF, and PMBL, you’ll be able to “say goodbye” to...
…Because you’ll own a higher success rate of healing all of these problems and so much more in your life.

Ready to say goodbye?

Our Course Includes Healing For:

Claim $7,300 In Free Courses

When You Get SAMDA Levels 1-8


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