Free Life Changing Courses offered with SAMDA are listed below (usually worth $xxxx in total from other institutions.

Color Therapy - $50

(free with samda level 3)

Color therapy is a kind of holistic healing of complementary treatment. In this type of treatment, we use colors to treat various types of diseases. Colors have their impact on our life, our emotions & our activities. Therefore, first we teach you about the impact on various colors on our life and then using them to cure various kinds of issues.

Quit Bad Habits - $50

(free with samda level 3)

Quitting bad habits like smoking, anger, bad behavior, negative thinking etc. is not an easy task. We teach you a step by step process to quit your bad habit and cultivate a new good habit successfully within a few days. In this way, you can change your personality altogether by changing your habits 1 by 1.

Energy Center Activation - $450

(free with samda level 5)

Energy center activation or chakra activation (in yoga) plays a significant role in your mental & physical wellbeing. After energy center activation, you become a more active, energetic, focused, stress-free, and positive mind person. You feel a happy & healthy life with no fear or anxiety around. It keeps you fresh and aware of performing your everyday activities energetically.

Deep Meditation - $1000 to $1450

(free with samda level 6)

You might have seen people having difficulties in doing meditation. Some say that we have spent years to do meditation but failed. Here we train you to do a deep meditation and feel inner peace and happiness within a few minutes. Everyone can experience it with our method of deep meditation and can solve a lot of issues easily.

HSP (Help of Super Natural Powers) - $76

(free with samda level 6)

HSP stands for the help of the supernatural. In this method, you take the help of supernatural powers to solve your issues and to find the answers to your questions. It helps a lot to get solutions to complex problems.

Astral Projection - $15 to $20

(free with samda level 6)

Astral projection is also known as OBE (out of body experience). In this method, your astral body travel outside of your physical body. It travels to those places where you can’t imagine to go with your physical body.

Psychic Surgery - $470 to $575

(free with samda level 6)

Psychic Surgery is a surgical process where you use SAMDA to operate various parts of the body where a medical surgery is required. Like in case of a tumor, kidney stones, and eye issues, etc. you can use psychic Surgery to operate the problem successfully.

All Kinds of Reiki Grand Master Course - $2500 to $4500

(free with samda healer level)

The most important course is doing all kinds of reiki up to Grand Master Level for free. With SAMDA basic healer level course, you are attuned to all types of reiki Grand Master Level automatically. Before you take the next step to join us, you can read our books for further knowledge you need to change your life & others in 100% positive & 100% natural way.