Get Individual Attention

Hi All, We have a great news for those who want to learn SAMDA, HMF & PMBL but can’t attend the live sessions for any reason. We are offering ‘Online Healing (Attunement)’ for such students so more and more people could be benefited from these ‘Amazing Life Changing Courses’.

Why Should You Go for Online Healing Session?

If you are wondering why you should go for ‘Online Healing/Attunement’ & can you get the same benefit as people get in live sessions? Then you need to read few lines below to get everything clear in your mind. As far as the effectiveness of attunement process is concerned, yes both who attend the live session & who take online healing session get the same benefit. The only difference is that in live session you reach the venue and stay there for hours to listen to the lecture & question/answer session to understand it better, if you have any kind of confusion. But the effectiveness of attunement process remains the same for both, even in online healing session you get individual attunement which you can’t get in live sessions. Now let’s have a quick look at the top reasons for ‘Why Should You Go for Online Attunement Session’?

Save Effort

It can save the effort you need to make to reach the session venue, spend the whole day & come back to your home. While during an online session you can take hops session while sitting at your home or anywhere you feel comfortable.

Save Time

It can save a lot of time you need to attend sessions for hours. Online attunement will take few minutes & you will get what you want without spending hours & without taking a pause in your everyday personal, social & business activities for a whole day.

Save Money

It can save a lot of money you need to spend on the whole process mentioned above if you decide to attend the session. While in online attunement process you just have to pay the fee, nothing else, not an extra penny on anything at all.

Individual Attention

The best thing for which people prefer to get online healing (attunement) is the individual attention given in individual online attunement sessions. This thing makes you feel much better & relaxed within few minutes of attunement process.

Process of Online Live Training - How To Proceed?

* You will pay the fee and send us the payment slip via whatsapp/email for confirmation. * After payment confirmation, you'll be given link for sign up form. You'll fill the form with correct & updated information. * After form filling, notes will be emailed to you. You must print out the notes to read them thoroughly. * After reading the notes, you will contact ZSSRC executive to arrange the live guidance session (Self and Other's healing) with our experts on skype/whatsapp. There is a time period of around 1 week to 10 days for the completion of SAMDA 1-4. * After setting the date & time, live guidance sessions will be started on skype/whatsapp. In most of the cases, it takes only 1-2 sessions of 2 hours with you to guide about the SAMDA levels but if you need more time & sessions, it’s arranged till your satisfaction. It’s recommended to note down all questions come to your mind after reading the notes, in order to save time & effort at both ends. * After completing the guidance sessions round, you will get timing for 30 minutes attunement session with Prof. Abdul Samad. In each attunement session, you will be attuned maximum for 2 levels of SAMDA. Like for a course of SAMDA 1-4, level 1-2 attunement will be given in one session and level 3-4 attunement will be given in next session. Same process of attunement session will be repeated for every next 2 levels. Like in case of all levels of SAMDA & HMF, 1 attunement will be given for every 2 levels.


Regular Fee (USD)

SAMDA Level 1-4SAMDA Level 5-8HMF Level 1-2HMF Level 1-2 & SUB-LevelSAMDA 1-8 + HMF 1-2HMF SUB LevelSAMDA Level 9 - Per Part


Now everyone can achieve health, happiness and success online with SAMDA Healing & HMF (Human Magnetic Force) by Dr. Samad with discount as per your special request.