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Life Time Protaction with The Most Successful Healing System SAMDA

Forget about all the methods that failed to protect you from the black magic and harmful effects of your life! When you apply our 30-year-proven positive healing systems to remove all types of negativities, Black Magic, Demons, Enemies, Witches, Hexes, Illnesses, Negative Energy, Evil Eyes, and Spiritual attacks. You will be able to heal yourself and everyone around you in a fraction of the time.

Dear Future
Energy Healer

Did you know that most people are busy trying to resolve spiritual problems, but they are unaware that every spiritual problem has a negative energy root?

Trust me, I should know!

My name is Dr. Abdul Samad, an inborn healer. Before I introduced SAMDA Healing Energy to the world 30 years ago, I had no idea how quickly people would grasp it and reap the benefits, but now millions have benefited. We have thousands of success stories in written and video form, because of the effective and rapid results of this amazing healing Energy, Thanks to everyone who adores me, that’s why they made my TV show the Top-rated, they love because they found a most helpful person for humanity and for them. I worked hard and have a waste of research and knowledge in this field and have written numerous books.
When you are dealing with such issues, you rarely have time to check the fact that all matter is energy. You just have time to make to your experts’ appointment, worry about what will happen if the negativity worsens, or clean your aura, workplace place, or home when you have some free time.

Now, over 30 years later, SAMDA Healing Energy is a PROVEN energy healing system with higher-than-all other healing methods!


Millions Benefited through my Books and Top Rated TV Shows

Why and how?

Samda is like a 14 layers protection, and it can easily block all types of negativities. When you complete the Samda healer levels 1-8, you are automatically protected from all types of negativities. Samda is more effective than other methods.
I have traveled to many countries, spoken to thousands of people. I’ve personally helped thousands of people how to protect themselves, their friends, and their families.

Hear From the Samda Students

"I have been troubled with negative entities for many years and have approached many experts. I was frustrated, and my mind stopped working because I didn't perceive any improvement or outcome after spending a lot of money. However, my condition was getting worse day by day. I prayed and sought betterment once more. I founded Samda Healing and HMF. I visited the website; I discovered some truly unique information. I read practically all of the website's information. The first time, I couldn't stop myself from continuing to read more.
I purchased books of PMBL, Samda, and HMF. I became deeply involved with this knowledge and started learning HMF and Samda. I felt very relaxed after the attunement, and I couldn't refuse to sleep early after my first session with Dr. Samad. I felt a significant burden fell down and a very clear feeling similar to putting off the wrong glasses I had worn for a long period when I woke up. I don't have words to describe how impactful the sessions were. After Samda 3 the strange thing is for me; the entities disturbed me. Some I never feel again, and some become positive and do not harm me more. I first prayed for myself to return to everyday life, and now I'm praying for Dr. Samad to have a long life to save lives like mine. I'm thankful for my whole life to My great teacher Samad. I highly recommended to everyone must try a one-time Samda"
Shagufta Khan
"The young girl's family brought her to me and explained to me that she suffers from seizures. They said that we visited many doctors, and doctors said she is healthy, but we had no idea what had happened. But unfortunately, her condition can deteriorate at any time. Could you do something? I answered, "I can heal what I have learned," and sat the girl down and placed my hand on her head. After a few minutes, she stood up with the wall two feet over from the floor, and her eyes were red. When I observed her state, every hair on my body stood up.
I was terrified because this was the first time in my life that something like this had occurred. Because of fear, I closed my eyes. Then, I recalled my teacher Abdul Samad's words that no bad energy can damage you if you are a Samda healer. So, I activated Samda's levels and recited Quran verses and surahs. After around five to seven minutes, the girl descended and then sat on the ground. Then I spoke to her, but she answered me in a masculine voice and told me that I came from Swat with her. I also continued to heal during this period. It took 30 to 40 minutes, but I rescued the girl. She is still healthy. It proves that if someone has Samda, then no opposing force can affect you. I have experienced that many times. Thank You, Dr. Samad, for introducing this beautiful healing system, SAMDA"
Noor ul Islam
"It is a seven-year-long story. Our family struggled for a long period, and our money nearly vanished. We are hopeless. We had done nothing wrong with anyone and prayed regularly but could not see any light for the future. We made a regular effort to overcome problems and consult almost 30 to 40 people who claim experts. Everyone told us that someone had performed black magic on our family, but no one could resolve our issues. We spent thousands of dollars over seven years with zero results. May Allah have accepted any of our prayers, and someone led us to Samda and me, and my husband became a healer of Samda and HMF.
As we began to learn HMF and SAMDA, our problems were also resolved one by one. Samda is simply rinsing away all negativity. Samda does not make as many claims as others, but the outcomes are outstanding. Now we feel like fools for spending thousands of dollars and getting nothing in return. We promise to spread awareness about Samda and HMF, as we know how people squandered their income on phony experts. I am grateful to Allah and, secondly, to Mr. Samad"
Nagina Tabassum
"When I was in Lahore, a very anxious woman approached me. She explained her situation and how their family suffered from many problems. They consult with many professionals with no success. Some said, "You have an issue at home, but we don't have a solution; we're weak." Someone suggested her, and she contacted me and came to my office at kalma Chowk Lahore. And as I saw the woman's aura, I understood the issue. So then, at her request, we went to her residence, and there I observed a variety of creatures that ordinary people do not see.
Then I spoke with them and understood how this family and their relatives had upset them and, as a result, were causing them problems. Before entering the house, I turned it on Samda. I also counseled the family members on where they went wrong and what they should do now while simultaneously adopting my way and cleaning their house. The family members followed my instructions, and they never had another such issue. I thank my supreme power with every breath, who created me and gifted me these powers to serve humanity"
Dr. Samad
"I felt something is fly from my shoulders, and I feel very light. Now my life is much smoother. I'm incredibly satisfied with the results of Samda and HMF, and Prof. Samad is one of my FAVORITE teachers. Many, many thanks to Mr. Samad"
Bushra Ibrahim
"I am eternally grateful for the Samda Healing. I am applying Samda to myself and my husband to free us from dark forces put on us by others. I immediately saw a difference after using Samda, and I strongly recommend Samda. Thank you so much, Dr. Samad"
Shammah Naz
"I have some competitors in my business, but I cannot believe they can do it this way; they are using many black magic specialists to destroy my business. I discovered this many years later during a consultation with some spiritual persons. I was losing clients, and my business was dwindling, and I felt powerless. Then I started a search online, where I discovered HFM and Samada. However, I could not believe it. I choose to begin by experiencing something.
I contacted the Samda center for assistance, and they guided me. You can start with Samda's basic levels and then go for advanced classes. It was an incredible experience. Samda is highly effective! It felt like a huge weight was removed from my chest during self-healing, and the evil eye cleanse. Since then, I have no longer struggled to fall asleep and feel more at peace. I truly feel free and at ease from those terrible forces. I strongly advise Samda to everyone who feels like something negative has attached itself to them. Thank You Samda and Dr. Samad"
Khalil Ur Rehman
"I am a physician, and I always use Samda and HMF in my medical practice. At about 2:00 AM, one of my patients called me. She was distraught and explained to me how her mother tried suicide, and she desired a doctor to come and see her mother, but who would I call at midnight? I advised her not to leave her mother alone and to allow me to check what I could do. I was unable to contact a doctor at this time. And I started applying Samda to her mother; I felt negative energy on her, but I continued to perform Samda; I fell asleep while doing Samda.
The next day I went to the hospital as usual. Later, when the patient and her mother came to see me, her mother’s looking improved significantly. She informed me that many experts had told her that my mother had been infected by black magic when I inquired. However, no one was able to come up with a solution. However, we do not know what you did, but I feel much better, and I don’t have suicidal thoughts. Thank You, Sir. Samda to make me able to help others in their difficult time"
Sohail Khan
United Kingdom
"I studied for 23 years and poured all of my knowledge and best efforts into my business, but I was regrettably going through a lot of traumas after starting it. I couldn't get over some of the obstacles that were preventing me from succeeding. I did everything, but there were no results. I was desperate to figure out what I was doing wrong, but I couldn't. My acquaintance suggested that I seek spiritual advice from anyone. I didn't believe in black magic or evil eyes, so I ignored it.
My health is deteriorating day by day as well. My family then recommended that I consult with someone one day; perhaps you will be able to help. I approach one of the world's most well-known spiritual figures. All of my events were recalled in my mind step by step as he recounted them to me. But he still refused to believe it. In addition, I was unable to locate the solutions. I had been suffering from this for almost four years and had no idea it existed.
Then I started looking into it and came upon Samda, who believes that anyone can erase negativity. After a year of utilizing Samda and HMF, I'm blogging about my experiences. I want to advise everyone that if they are having the same problem, they should not rely on anyone. Get Samda and HMF, learn how to use them, and defend yourself and your loved ones. I intend to become a Samda Master and disseminate Samda to people who suffer in the same way that I do. The exit is Black Magic and Evil Eye, which can ruin everything you own. With every breath, I express my gratitude to Dr. Samad"
Zubair Ahmed
United State

And All of This Is Thanks to My

3 Scientific Discoveries

Here’s how each one of these amazing discoveries works:

SAMDA Is the Foundation
Of Everything, We Do

Imagine being able to cleanse your body in order to eliminate emotional blockages, trauma, and much more. It makes no difference if you are suffering from mild or severe black magic, Demons, Enemies, Witches, Hexes, Illnesses, Negative Energy, Evil Eyes, or Spiritual attacks. In a fraction of the time, you will be able to protect yourself and everyone around you in a fraction of the time.

Human Electromagnetic Force

Achieve Effortless Success Inside & Out

Prof. Abdul Samad created HMF because he quickly realized energy healing could be used to create abundance and success in any area of life. After practicing SAMDA, your body is healthy – and now it’s time to enjoy your life!

With HMF, you turn every cell in your body into an energetic magnet that attracts to you everything you’ve ever dreamed of – love, purpose, wealth, and so much more – without the strain, hustle, and struggle of traditional success programs.

It’s pure science! If you’re ready, you can register below:

The Power of Mind and Body Language

Study The Power of Your Mind & Body
…Then Speak Their Unique Languages

With Dr. Abdul Samad’s final discovery, he unlocked the secrets of history’s most charismatic people, discovering what makes some people effortlessly attractive to others.

Today more than ever, in our influencer culture.

In our influencer culture, this information is much-needed! Now you too can enjoy influence, persuasiveness, and smooth relationships without arguments or problems thanks to the high energetic power of PMBL.

It’s Time to Say Goodbye…

Our Course Includes Protection For:

SAMDA LEVELS 1 - 8 & HMF 1-2
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