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SAMDA is the most powerful and 100% compatible natural healing system with no side effects at all. In this course, you are connected to universal natural healing powers which can be used to cure physical, psychological & spiritual issues (basic to chronic). It’s 100% positive and most powerful healing energy which ends all kinds of negative energies from human life and his environment. It’s equally effective on plants and animals too. After becoming a SAMDA healer, you can heal yourself and others living at any corner of the world and achieve a positive, powerful and peaceful personality. See SAMDA FAQs.

SAMDA - A Problem Solver

SAMDA has proved to be the best natural Healing method because of having 100% positive effect on all aspects of life. By using this natural healing method, one can bring significant positive changes in his physical, psychological, spiritual and social life etc. Below we have discussed the effect of this best healing system over 7 major aspects of human life. Let’s have a look at them one by one to understand its effectiveness properly.

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Levels of SAMDA

SAMDA has been divided into the following levels: > SAMDA Level 1-4 (Basic Level)> SAMDA Level 5-8 (Advanced Level)> SAMDA Level 9 (More Advanced Level)> SAMDA Master Levels Every level carries a strong flow of energy to deal with a specific range of issues.

What Do You Learn in SAMDA?

SAMDA is a complete ‘Life Changing Formula’ where you (as a healer) learn to: > Apply universal natural healing powers to cure all kinds of problems disturbing your personal, social & financial life.> Use the power of positive thinking to undo the effect of negative elements in your life.> Live a healthy, happy & successful life in a real sense with a practical & positive approach.

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Books to Read About SAMDA

World's Most Successful Healing System - SAMDA

This book talks about the world's most successful healing system ‘SAMDA’ & its amazing effect on every aspect of our life. It describes how millions of people have been benefited from this natural healing force.  This book also answers those questions you might want to ask about SAMDA life & healing force. It discusses a lot of things you want to know about this fastest healing energy & its miraculous impact over everything we deal with.

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What is SAMDA Healing Energy

This book 'What is SAMDA Healing Energy' is a brief book written by Prof. Abdul Samad to educate people about SAMDA & its effectiveness in making our lives happy, healthy & successful in a simple way. Those who want to understand SAMDA in simple words must read this book. It will take just an hour or two to finish but you'll learn everything you want to know about SAMDA and its importance in changing lives naturally & positively.

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