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SAMDA is the most powerful healing energy having all features required to make your life healthy, happy & successful. We have discussed the features of SAMDA briefly here to give you a quick review about what you can achieve with this amazing life changing formula. Let’s have a look at SAMDA features below:

SAMDA is the most powerful healing system developed so far. It can deal with each & every aspect of our life. Millions of people have been healed & cured with SAMDA successfully. One can use it to cure physical, psychological, spiritual, financial, relationship & educational problems effectively.


SAMDA is also the fastest healing energy. It can cure every kind of problem at fastest rate of recovery as compared to all other healing systems. SAMDA has an amazing ability to improve the physical, mental & spiritual health at the same time to speed up the overall process of healing.

SAMDA is 100% positive healing energy which carries 0% side effect. Being a positive force it can heal every kind of issue with no side effect at all. This unique feature makes it the most secure & effective healing system everyone can rely upon.

While heal a patient with SAMDA healing energy, a healer doesn’t need to know the detail of disease to start the process. This energy automatically reaches the affected area & heal it till cure. One can apply it immediately without drilling down into details of a given problem. This intelligent healing force deducts the negative elements itself & removes them completely with no side effect.

With SAMDA healing force a healer can heal anyone living in any corner of the world without knowing his details & even without informing him about the healing. You can also send this healing energy to control crisis, mitigate the effects of natural disasters and to help someone to get out of his miserable condition successfully.

SAMDA is simply for everyone. Every person can learn & apply SAMDA healing force without having a certain degree or a specific level of learning ability. People can learn SAMDA irrespective of their age, gender, qualification, cast, culture and creed.

Another interesting feature of SAMDA is its ability to work with all other treatment methods. Doctors, physicians & healers have reported to have great results after applying SAMDA during their regular treatment process. SAMDA not only accelerates the process of healing but also removes the side effects involved in other types of treatment methods.

Unlike other healing methods, SAMDA requires no specific environment or arrangement. It can be applied everywhere in every condition to get rid of any kind of undesirable condition. No specific position or condition is required for healer & patient both to apply this unique healing energy. Read SAMDA faqs.


According to Reiki Experts, Samda is 99% more powerful than Reiki and first five levels of Samda are equal to Master level of Reiki. Samda Healing System is 100% a natural healing system with no side effect which Healer Levels are equal to Reiki Grand Master Course.  That is not a kind of Reiki-Master attunement of all kinds of Reiki.  Samda is such as power in which all low frequencies healing energies are dimmed. As per some experts Samda is like a river which absorbs all big and small surrounding streams (healing methods) on one hand, this is a clear difference between Samda and Reiki that Samda Healer levels are equal to Master Level of Reiki. That is not one kind of Reiki, attunement of all Reiki is done.  On the other hand, there is a difference of curing the diseases. There are such methods in Reiki Healing which are difficult and healing of diseases take time but in Samda Healing, very less time is required and the method is also very easy.  The attunement method of Samda is also very easy.  In Reiki one has to read symbols which are called incantation, but in Samda, there is nothing to read.  This is a very simple method but it is more powerful than Reiki. There are 14 levels of Samda which are the levels of the world of energies and there is unlimited knowledge in every level.  There are no concepts, advice, suggestion and imaginations in Samda.  It works everywhere and in every condition. Thousands of students of Dr. Samad’s treated and healed thousands of patients through Samda.  Samda not only heals physical and psychological chronic diseases but also brings positive change in our behavior and saves the environment from imperfect or negative forces.