World's MostSuccessfulHealingSystemSAMDA

This book ‘World’s Most Successful Healing System – SAMDA’, reveals the amazing secrets of natural healing powers locked inside every human being. Prof. Abdul Samad who is the founder of SAMDA Healing System, Grand Grand Master Healer & Natural Health Expert, has written this book after the research of many years. He has designed SAMDA healing course for training people and making them heal themselves & others naturally to live a happy, healthy & successful life. This book is an effort to make people know, what is SAMDA healing energy, why they should learn it & how they can change their lives & other’s too, as millions of healers are already doing with this miraculous life healing force. SAMDA is 100% positive, side-effect free & 99% powerful natural healing system as compared to all other types of healing systems discovered so far. If you want to become a natural healer yourself but having lots of questions & curiosity in your mind regarding this modern natural healing system, then buy this book & decide yourself what should you do to make your life better than what you dream of.

Topics Discussed

I took a pen in my hands with the spirit of social services. When the pen started its work on the paper, I felt that now I would render social services in a better way as compared to the past.

How can Samda be attained?Can Every Person Learn Samda?Are There Any Harmful Effects of Samda?Can Samda End?

Colors of the Energies of ZheelClassification of ZheelTypes of ZheelGungs (non-biological) Zheel

Types of Hopes ZheelHow does Hopes Zheel Take & Discharge Energy?Bermuda ZheelPositive & Negative Effects of the Hopes Zheel

Definition of ZheelEnergies of Hewadmsra ZheelWhat’s Samda?Types of SamdaZheel Energy Centers in Human Body

Colors of SamdaSamda HopesFeelings & Observations during HopsSamda itself Guides the Samda Healer

Descendants of Samda MasterSamda and ChildrenEasy Healing of Diseases with SamdaEffect of Samda Healer’s Sympathy on Others