The SecretWorld ofHealingEnergies

This book ‘The Secret World of Healing Energies’ is a collection of secrets related to unseen human healing powers and their impact on human life. Prof. Abdul Samad has discussed the concept of energy, its kinds, sources and miracles in detail. SAMDA healing energy, amazing zheel hops energy & Reiki are mainly discussed in this book.For SAMDA, one has to be registered for SAMDA healing course but for Reiki, the whole method of self-attunement is described in this book. You can read about reiki origin and facts, reiki master training, methods of Reiki attunements, reiki self-attunement, crona reiki system, Usui Reiki of Tibetan, emotional healing and much more about miraculous hops Zheel & SAMDA in this book. After reading this book one can become a Reiki healer himself and start using this healing power safely. If you are interested in learning unique and powerful healing methods then this book can be a comprehensive guide in this regard. And if you want to become the best healer then read about SAMDA and Zheel Sciences and come to us for connecting to the most powerful healing energy during the live or online healing session with Prof. Abdul Samad.

Topics Discussed

I took a pen in my hands with the spirit of social services. When the pen started its work on the paper, I felt that now I would render social services in a better way as compared to the past.

Energy & its SourcesReiki – Origin & FactsReiki Master TrainingMethods of Reiki AttunementReiki Self AttunementCrona Reiki SystemUsui Attunement Method of TibetanEmotional Healing and MeditationZheel Sciences & SamdaSamda vs ReikiSamda in DetailMiraculous Hops Zheel