Self-kindness is an act to be kind and sincere and true to self, clean your thoughts and words, your body and thinking is the main thing we own. Everything in our life including our health, happiness, success, relationships with other people depends on this. It’s the source of all happiness and the symbol of our existence. So we need to be kind to our body, keep it healthy, keep the mind fresh, keep the surroundings clean in order get real success in life. We know that a weak body can never have a healthy mind and a refreshing soul. Only those who are healthy and physically fit can succeed in life, can achieve what they want and can build a strong relationship with others by supporting them and becoming an important part of their life. In this way, kindness becomes the essential factor for success if you learn how to be kind to yourself. If you want to live a happy and successful life, come for the online life changing session with Prof. Abdul Samad & connect with universal healing powers to change your life & others successfully. Don't forget to join us at instagram @health.happiness.success for daily motivational & inspirational quotes