SMILE is a Symbol of Success (not just happiness) And… Success is good for health. Besides the following basic health benefits discussed everywhere, a smile gives a lot in terms of our overall health. Let’s see the basic ones: > Lifts your mood> Reduces stress, anxiety, depression> Manages blood pressure & heartbeat> Boosts immune system & ensures longevity> Produces endorphins & relieves pain Here we need to understand the actual meaning of health. Health is not confined to a healthy strong body, but it’s linked with a healthy mind, healthy relationships & a healthy attitude towards life.  And A Lovely SMILE can help you in everything falls within the range of above factors, defining the status of your health. Want to be Happy - Never think what others thinkHow anger affects the working of our mind & bodyHow to live a happy lifeHow to get rid of negative thoughts fastControl Depression through Natural Methods SMILE does not only mean that you are in a good mood and enjoying a healthy life, it means a lot more…. Smiling while broken down by the severity of life keeps you stand, fight & turn around everything in your favor. Smiling means you are ready to move on in whatever circumstances you are passing through. Smiling means you are not giving up & have enough motivation to carry on. Smiling means you want smooth relationships with everyone. Smiling means you have got what you have desired for. SMILE represents Success, Positivity, Endurance, Resilience, Energy & Love for life…. So if you want all these things in your life, just SMILE, as it ensures healthy, successful & strong life ever. SAMDA TestimonialsThe Secret of Success (read my free book to change your life in 2 hours) Originally published on Quora. If you want Success with Smile, come for a life-changing session with us from anywhere in the world.