Students & SAMDA


SAMDA (Powerful Natural Healing Energy) has a sweet relationship with children. They love to become a SAMDA healer or to be healed with SAMDA for their problems. Children feel more happiness, freshness, relaxation and energy from SAMDA as compared to elders. They get quickly attuned to this powerful healing system and can apply it more effectively to heal their issues and people around them.

SAMDA & Students

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Parents must Bring their Children to Learn SAMDA Healing Energy to: 1. Make them A Positive and Successful Person.2. Let them Become Confident Enough to Resolve their Everyday Issues themselves.3. Get Better Grades in Academics and Extra-curricular Activities.4. Boost their Performance Level in Every Aspect of Life.5. Minimize the Risk of Failures and Hopelessness.6. Prepare them to Face the Challenges of Life by Using their Potential at Best Possible Level.

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In today’s fast technological world when parents are having less time for their children and children are busy in their daily routine with hand-held devices around them, we need a powerful, fast, secure & updated natural healing system to keep pace with modern era and to resolve everyday life issues quickly without spending extra money and without investing extra time and effort in old and outdated methodologies.

"I heard about SAMDA from my friend who did level 1-8. My father asked me to do the same so I came to attend the session. On first day, after doing level 1-2, I returned home and healed my sister who was having headache. She told me that she is feeling better but I was not satisfied. But after doing 4 levels, I applied it to my father for his backache and he told me that he is completely healed which made me very happy and I started believing it. Now I have done 6 levels and the main thing I realized is that we are supreme creature. We use this word many times in our life but it’s only due to Dr. Abdul Samad that we have realized its true meaning. May Allah bless him with more powers. I am very grateful to him. May he live long, Ameen."