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ZSSRC Team & Departments

ZSSRC is a group of companies has been working for more than 20 years with a highly trusted and respectable history in the national & international market. We have a dedicated team working with us comprising of various departments deeply integrated together to make it a strong organization. We highly value the input of our team members who have been working day & night as a family unit to make its great mission a reality before the world.

Prof. Abdul Samad as A Great Leader

A Great Visionary

Great leaders have great visions. They can see into the future. Prof. Abdul Samad is a great visionary. He has imagined a world where every other person will be a healer, helping himself & others living around him. Prof. Abdul Samad maintains a very honest and productive relationship with his team members. He is intellectually connected with his employees, tapping into their potential & raising their performance bar. Such excellent coordination helps all members to produce their best output.

Sharp Perception

The phrase ‘sharpest tool in the box’ perfectly describes Prof. Abdul Samad’s intellect. His presence is enough to turn things in the right direction. He has strong belief in the goodness of human nature and wants others to know this fact too, in order to bring positivity and ray of hope among distressed and disillusioned masses. Great leaders have great perception for success and decision making. Prof. Abdul Samad’s philanthropic vision makes him stand apart from the rest. He strongly discourages the materialistic approach towards life and wants people to reveal the real meaning of happiness & to explore the real purpose of our existence in this vast universe.

Excellent Communication

At ZSSRC we have an open-door policy for everyone coming to us. Our CEO, Prof. Abdul Samad is a great leader leading his team towards success & happiness. Looking at Prof. Abdul Samad, we feel motivated to reach our highest standards. We are encouraged to approach him with any query or issue anytime we need. Our organization is blessed to have him as a head. May he guide us through our corporate journey helping and aiding us to see and achieve beyond the horizon. Ameen.

Departments of ZSSRC

Zheel Sciences Studies & Research Center has multiple well-equipped, well managed & highly efficient working departments & team : 1. Admin Department2. HR Department3. Call Center4 . Accounts Department5. IT Department6. Customer Care Department

The Department lies within the Directorate of Finance and Administration. It is tasked with providing administrative and logistical support to the entire organization. Mandate of the Administration Department include: 1. General Office Management & Running.2. Transport Management.3. Registry Management.4. Assets Management.5. Property Management.6. Security and Safety.

The role of Human Resource Department is the key to an organization that is in charge of recruiting, training and the dismissal of employees in organization. So the tasks managing by this department includes: 1. Recruitment and Selection2. Training Programmers Training programs are held by the HRD to improve the employees’ skills and to motivate them to give the best performance. The main types of training we follow includes: 1. Induction training2. On-the- job training3. Off-the-job training Our HR department thinks ahead and establishes the number and skills of the workforce required to run a successful & strong organization.

Our customer service representative interacts with the company’s customers to provide them with information to address inquiries regarding products and services. In addition, they also deal with everyday customer complaints to resolve them amiably. Highly Trained Officials Customer inquiries often involve queries related to our services and products that’s why our customer service representatives handle them in accordance with the company’s guidelines and policies. Unique Customer Service Experience At ZSSRC, we prefer quality over quantity; therefore our customer service is unique in its essence of providing quality information focusing on benefiting our customers to the best possible level. Unlike other call centers, we deal each client with individual focused attention. Our aim is to completely satisfy our customers while providing them an excellent customer service experience that will leave them with no other option except to form a healthy permanent bond with ZSSRC.

The Information Technology (IT) Department develops and maintains an internal network of desktop workstations, digital office equipment and networking equipment, operating systems and servers to tie them together.

These are the main sections of the market departments in our organization: 1. Book Keeping Procedures2. Preparing Final Accounts3. Management of Wages

We provide free customer services to our students for life. If they have any query related to our courses, we guide them with relevant & updated information. We at ZSSRC cater 2 kinds of clientele: 1. Pre-planned Appointments2. Walk-ins We treat both of these clientele with equal respect and attentiveness. Our service speaks for itself as our students/customers/clients say that we provide with a service unmatched in and out of our industry. Guidance sessions may be planned or unplanned, from 9:30 am till 5:30 pm from Mondays-Saturdays to cater our students’ needs. Moreover we arrange course sessions on small & large scales depending upon the given situation. We want individuals to become healers that is why we aide them in whatever way we can.