After changing the lives of thousands of people during the last 2 decades through workshops, books, TV shows and videos, Prof. Abdul Samad decided to write this short & simple book for everyone who wants to live a happy, healthy & successful life and needs simple and easy methods to change his life and others altogether. This small & simple book will take just 2 hours to change your life through simple techniques & motivational quotes specifically written by him. Let’s see what you will learn in it: 1. How to change your thinking and use it as the main source of your success?2. How to control your emotions by understanding their influence on your mental & physical health?3. What is the #1 thing all successful people do to in the start of their day?4. How to achieve your goals & get 100% success by utilizing your mind & body powers, excellences & power of present?5. How successful people tackle severe opposition and baseless criticism?6. How to stay fit & lose weight without dieting?7. How to be happy and understand the beauties of life?8. How to change yourself to change the world around like a successful person? He believes that everyone has a lion but few know it. Can you discover the lion inside you? Read this book and write an honest review about what you have actually learned and what changes you can bring in your life NOW?