Anxiety means the fear of the future, worry and uneasiness about something unpleasant that may happen in a given situation. Sometimes it comes out as a strong desire for something to happen soon, characterized by extreme keenness or eagerness while ignoring the reality altogether. For example, an anxious person will be extremely keen to complete a process in 5 to 10 min which usually takes 20 min to finish. Such person knows the reality but doesn’t accept it. He starts feeling tense after passing that initial 5-10 min and remains in this situation until the end of the process.

Culture & Anxiety

Cultural aspect also has a deep link with anxiety. Particularly the social anxiety is mostly caused by social norms of a given culture. People living in a different cultural environment have a different ratio of anxiety. Research shows that various types of anxiety disorders are more likely to occur in Native Americans, youngsters and those with poor social status. While Asians, Blacks, Hispanics and those living in developed cities are less prone towards developing anxiety disorders.

anxiety and culture Varied prevalence rate of anxiety has been observed in various cultural groups. Difference in cultures can also cause anxiety, as socially accepted behavior in Asia is not considered normal for the people living in US. So if a person moves from one culture to another and fails to adopt the social norms of the new culture, it leads towards anxious feeling and triggers social anxiety disorder. Therefore psychiatrists must take social factor into account while treating a person suffering from anxiety. Anger Management - How to Control Anger Successfully Dr. Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg of the Central Institute of Mental Health (Mannheim, Germany) along with his team of researchers was trying to find out the way how the brains of different people living in different environments handle stress. The result reveals that those living in the countryside perform much better than those living in busy cities.

According to, here is what they found: " To be specific, while Meyer-Lindenberg and his accomplices were stressing out their subjects, they were looking at two brain regions: the amygdalas and the perigenual anterior cingulate cortex (pACC). The amygdalas are known to be involved in assessing threats and generating fear, while the pACC in turn helps to regulate the amygdalas. In stressed citydwellers, the amygdalas appeared more active on the scanner; in people who lived in small towns, less so; in people who lived in the countryside, least of all."

Types of Anxiety

Anxiety can be divided into following types of disorders: 1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)2. Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)3. Panic Disorder4. Phobia5. Agoraphobia6. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)7. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

It is the most common type of anxiety. It involves constant feeling of stress, restlessness with no specific reason or reason is not serious enough to inflict fear in a normal person. Symptoms include feeling out of control, muscle tension, headache, neck pain, disaster thinking, restlessness etc.

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

It involves feeling of embarrassment or extreme inferiority complex in everyday social life, inability to act normal & confident in front of others, fear of being watched and judged by others, fear of public speaking and hesitation in meeting new people. Such people want to live alone most of the time.

Panic Disorder

It involves the sudden feeling of terror, chest pain, sweating & heart palpitation. The patient feels as if having a heart attack or going crazy. Intense physical & mental situation is experienced during a panic attack.


Phobia involves intense fear of general things, places, people or situations. Such person tends to exhibit avoidance behavior (doing anything to avoid the situation or object making you fearful) mostly. Fear of airplanes, spiders, other crawling creatures like snakes or lizards, insects etc all can cause phobia in such patients.


It is the fear of places. It can be a certain place, open places or a new place. Such people avoid travelling and stick to their home & workplace mostly.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

As its name implies, it is caused after a physical or emotional trauma in life. Effects of that unpleasant event can disturb the whole life afterwards. The memories of that event can make you anxious for the rest of your life. Soldiers or war prisoners after release, people living in occupied areas and witnessing cruelties inflicting upon people around them or even upon themselves can develop post traumatic stress disorder easily.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

It involves repeatedly thinking about a certain thing or repeatedly performing a certain action while feeling inability to stop that thought or action. Preoccupation with a negative disturbing thought is called obsession. While compulsion is repeating a certain act with no specific reason, just to keep yourself at peace or to remove illogical doubts irritating you continuously. Washing hands & checking locks again & again are common examples of OCD.

Gender and Anxiety

Research proves that women are more likely to become anxious as compared to men. The presence of all types of anxiety disorders has been observed in women at higher level of severity. The image given below is presenting the result of a research conducted by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.  The question is why females are more prone to develop multiple types of anxiety disorders in their personalities? And the answer can be found in the following factors mostly observed in women. 1. Feeling of Insecurity2. Negatively Emotional3. Quick Belief on Rumors4. Inferiority Complex5. Cultural Influence6. Limitations in Life7. Lack of Proper Education (in some societies)8. Certain Hormonal Imbalances Around twice more women as compared to men are likely to suffer from more than one of the above mentioned factors which eventually leads to various forms of anxiety.

Causes of Anxiety

General causes or factors of anxiety are listed below: 1. Physically weak and unable to defend yourself in certain situations.2. Having extreme kind of inferiority complex beyond the limits of shyness and inability to face others or realities of life in a normal way.3. Happening of some very unpleasant event in the past life and having fear of happening it again in future.4. Brought up in a tense and depressed environment with lots of aggression and anger around.5. Genetically transmitted anxiety from parents to generation.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Common symptoms of anxiety are listed below: 1. Restlessness2. Sweating3. Feeling Weak4. Gastrointestinal Issues5. Hyperventilation (Rapid breathing)6. Fast Heart Beat7. Chest Pain8. Avoidance Behavior (Strong desire to get out of situation instantly)9. Lightheadedness10. Emotional Disturbance11. Sleep Deprivation12. Bad Dreams13. Lack of Peace in Life

Foods to Cure Anxiety

Following foods can help you reduce anxiety: Egg, Milk, Yogurt, Almonds, Beef, Pure Dark Chocolate, Whole Grain, Avocado, Leafy Green Vegetables, Pasta, Salmon, Olive Oil etc. Other foods rich in Vitamin B, Omega – 3 Fatty Acid Food & Complex Carbohydrates. See What Nutritionist Melissa Brunetti says about the connection between diet & mental health: "Our brain relies on nutrients to work effectively and studies have found that Omega-3, amino acids, B vitamins, Vitamin D, and minerals like zinc, magnesium and iron help create strong mental health. The Mediterranean diet, with its abundance of olive oil and leafy vegetables, contains many of these nutrients. One study of more than 15,000 people over 10 years found that those who followed the Mediterranean diet had a lower risk of depression."

Colors to Cure Anxiety

Colors can also play a vital role to combat anxiety. They can help you stay in a calm & cool mood. If you want to treat anxiety with the help of colors too, keep the following couple of things in your mind: 1. Use light colors in summer particularly white.2. Use Blue and Green in various shades to feel more relaxed. The cool effects of these colors will keep you in a light mood all the time. HOW TO USE COLORS? If you are confused about how to use colors to treat any kind of problem you are suffering from, use them in following ways: 1. Dress2. Accessories3. Paint4. Curtain5. Bed Cover/Blanket6. Flowers7. Fruits/Vegetables

Treating Anxiety in 100% Natural Way

To treat anxiety in a natural way, we have divided the whole process in 3 major aspects of an individual’s life. 1. You & Yourself (Physical and Inner Self)2. You & Your Lord (Allah Almighty)3. You & Society (the World Around)

You & Yourself (Physical and Inner Self)

Give yourself time and think about activities to make you a better person everyday for yourself and for people around as well. Living a natural healthy life, eating certain foods to cure anxiety, using specific colors & applying a simple formula regularly can make you an anxiety-free person within a few days or weeks. Let’s have a look at all these things one by one:

12 Quick Tips to Live Natural Healthy Life

1. Take Balanced Meals and Never Skip Breakfast.2. Exercise Daily even for few minutes.3. Take a Walk Regularly.4. Take a lukewarm bath daily. (for 30 min)5. Take deep breath to fill your lungs with oxygen, hold for few seconds and then release the air slowly. Better to inhale through nose & exhale through mouth. Repeat this simple deep breathing activity to get relaxed.6. Eat fruits like mango and banana to stay in happy mood. Sweet healthy fruits can make your mind relaxed and peaceful. Citrus fruits like orange, lemon can also make your mood happy.7. Eat vegetables particularly leafy vegetable and take as salad.8. Stay hydrated & drink 8 glass of water daily. (take more if required)9. Avoid junk food and unhealthy cold drinks. Take fresh juices instead.10. Avoid heavy drugs, alcohol & caffeine.11. Make a balanced daily schedule and stick to it. Add everything in it including your eating plan, physical activity, relaxation periods, spiritual activities, sleep hours etc.12. Think Positive, Live Positive.

1 Practical Tip to Combat Anxiety Successfully

1. Write down your problem on a paper and keep it in front of you.2. Sit in a relaxed mode and close your eyes.3. Take deep breath to become more relaxed.4. Think about the situation which causes anxiety and assume yourself to be there.5. Thinking about such situation will arouse the feeling of anxiety in you but don’t rush, try to stay there and face it.6. Assume that you have controlled the situation and have got the power and courage to face it. Like if you are standing before a beast, you are not rushing rather you are standing in front of it ready to face it with courage and confidence.7. Open your eyes and write down on same paper that you’ve successfully controlled the situation or even tried to stand before it with better power and confidence than before. Apply this simple formula to combat anxiety regularly to increase your control over fear and eventually defeat the fear forever. Remember, your fear is like a beast which attacks your nerves and makes you anxious, so you need to face it through your mind power without going to that situation actually. Once you learn to control it in imagination, you’ll surely be able to combat it in real life.

Think about Rewards You’ll Get after Conquering Your Fears

Thinking about the reward and most desirable result acts as a self-motivating factor and keeps us passionate to follow a certain plan in order to reach our goal. So if you want to end anxiety, do the following simple thing. Write down the benefits and blessings you can get after ending this stressful state of mind. Write down each and everything a happy and stress-free person can enjoy in life. Assure yourself that you can also get all these things once you’ll conquer your fears. The attraction of desired life will keep you motivating and you’ll get fast and positive results of overall struggle you’ll do to combat anxiety.

Try to Act Normal as Much as You Can

While in anxious situation actually or just imagining about it, you need to act normal as much as you can. In the beginning, it’ll be little harder but when you keep on practicing it, you’ll learn to act normal in a disturbing situation and send a message to your inner physical and mental systems to act normally. It will help you to control your heart beat, chest pain, blood pressure, hypertension, sweating and gastrointestinal issues successfully.

Apply the Formula of PPP (Power | Positivity | Present)

The simple formula of PPP by Prof. Abdul Samad has changed a lot of lives and made thousands of people live the desired life they had been dreaming about before. Let’s see, what does it stand for? P for Power: We human beings are supreme creatures, created to rule over the world with the power of Belief, Action and Morality. When you accept this universal truth, you feel the power and get ready to combat anxiety and almost every problem in your life. Stop discouraging yourself and self-blaming, start to act on a plan of a new happy life with a complete trust upon the Almighty and in your own abilities. Once you get ready to do it, you are almost done with it… P for Positivity: No miracle, no formula or no remedy can bring the light of positivity in your life unless you are ready to accept it. So first you need to think positive and then you’ll see things around you radiate the rays of positivity to eliminate all undesirable factors from your life. Think positive for yourself and for others too. P for Present: Whatever we do, we do in the present state, that’s why being in the present state of mind is important to be a practical person. Learning from past events and planning for the bright future is important but nothing can be achieved until you act practically in the present state. So to become a practical person, you need to stay in the present state mostly.

You & Your Lord (Allah Almighty)

If you are asked, who loves you the most in the whole universe and never closes his door for help and blessing, the only name that comes to your mind is ‘The Almighty’. So the strongest relationship in this universe is between the Creator & the Creature, which becomes more important when we talk about the Supreme Creature……’Human Beings’. Feel the power of this relationship and cure all issues including anxiety with the help of daily spiritual activities. Follow the tips below: 1. Try to offer 5 times prayer every day. 2. Be in the state of wuzu (ablution). It creates an invisible circle of blessing around you & protects you from inner and outer negativity. Apart from performing wuzu for prayers, perform it anytime you feel anxious to get protected all the time. 3. Do meditation regularly, even for 20-30 min a day, for a peaceful life. For meditation, you can watch this video to understand it in a better way. 4. Besides offering prayers, you can release anxiety and tension by going into the state of Sajda. Being in the state of Sajda makes you feel relaxed. It takes your inner self to the highest level of peace and calmness. Bow down in the state of Sajda & feel as all negative elements are pouring out of your body exactly as we empty a bottle. Feel like all worries are releasing in the state of Sajda leaving you clean and calm inside. 

You & Society (The World Around)

We are born to live with others. No one can escape the people around particularly in today’s busy world. The relationship between you and society matters a lot in treating various types of psychological issues including anxiety. We’ve discussed simple things you can adopt in life to make this relationship a real success. Accept Realities around you and see how much you can change actually and what you can do for it. Stop worrying about things you can’t change instantly, rather plan to bring desired changes and act on it. Attend the Company of Good and Positive People. Those who can make you realize how much productive and positive you could be and suggest you easy tips to do it practically…….those who are optimist about the undesirable realities of life and have practical plans to get along with it as a successful person….those who have ‘Motivation’ and ‘Appreciation’ & ‘Suggestion’ for you! Be Supportive and Help Out Others. Use kind and supportive words to others to make them remove their worries and feel relaxed. Moreover prove it with your actions, charity or a supportive hand to let them stand on the right path. Helping out others can cut your worries to minimum level instantly even without doing hard work to bring happiness to your life. Feed the hungry, speak sweet words to poor, appreciate the good work, motivate others, hold the falling people, support the positive cause, encourage others to do good deeds and spread positivity around….. Make others’ lives easier and life will become easier for you too! We wish you All the Best to the path of Real Health, Happiness & Success….. Control Depression through Natural Methods We’ll keep on adding more stuff on this topic here to make it an effective remedy to combat and eliminate anxiety and fear completely in a natural easy way.