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What is SAMDA Healing System?

This video is about SAMDA. It is considered the best natural healing system which cures almost all types of physical, psychological & spiritual problems at fastest recovery rate with no side effect at all.

What is HMF (Human Magnetic Force)?

This video is about HMF (Human Magnetic Force) which is a life success formula developed by Prof. Abdul Samad. In this course, you are connected to universal magnetic forces are activated to make you confident enough to achieve your daily, weekly, yearly goals successfully.

What is PMBL?

This video is about PMBL (Power of Mind & Body Languages) which is a natural self-grooming course designed by Prof. Samad to educate people how to use the power of their body language to achieve desired success.

Blessings of SAMDA

This video discusses the blessings of SAMDA which is the most powerful healing system. In this video, you will see how SAMDA has helped people change their lives and how they have helped others to feel this change actually.

Advantages of SAMDA Healing System

This video shows the advantages of SAMDA healing system over various aspects of life and comments of people about what they have felt within a day after attending the first session of SAMDA.

SAMDA Senior Students & Their Comments

This video again shows the experiences of senior SAMDA students and how they have created positivity in their lives and used this positive power to bring positive change in other’s lives as well.

Success Possibilities with SAMDA

This video is about the possibilities one can think about to live the desired life after doing SAMDA healing system. Prof. Samad has discussed all possible ways of success a person can apply with the help of SAMDA.

SAMDA & Deep Meditation

This video explains the link of meditation and SAMDA healing system. As SAMDA is positive spiritual healing energy, it is deeply connected with meditation and enhance its effectiveness over human health.

How to Achieve Success in Life?

This video is about achieving success in life. Everyone wants success but only a few people know how to achieve it actually. Prof. Samad has discussed the positive & practical approach for achieving success in life.

Improve Confidence with SAMDA

This video explains the link between SAMDA healing system and confidence building. Confidence is the key to success and to bring desired changes in our life. So SAMDA boosts confidence and makes us successful.

Discover Yourself with SAMDA

This video is solely about discovering your true self. Prof. Samad explains why it is essential to discover the aim of life and how it can be done. It’s equally important and possible for all human beings.

Evil Eye & Its Impact Over Human Health

This video is about evil eye and its impact on human health. Prof. Samad discusses how evil eye can disturb the balance of a happy and healthy life and how to get rid of it safely.

Control Negativity with Positive Energy SAMDA

This video is about the presence of negative and positive energies in this universe. Prof. Samad explains how positive energy (SAMDA) can be used to eliminate the effects of negative energies forever.

What is Positive Energy & How to Use it?

This video is about positive energy and its miraculous impact over our lives. Prof. Samad explains what is positive energy and how it works to improve our life through a practical approach.

Guaranteed Success with Positivity

This video is about getting guaranteed success with the help of positive energy. Prof. Samad explains how positive thinking can cause miracles in one’s life and totally change it towards happiness and success.

Children Problems & SAMDA

This video explains the beautiful connection between SAMDA healing and children. Being a positive, spiritual and 100% natural healing energy, SAMDA improves the children confidence, health and behavior very fast.

Success In Exams & SAMDA

This video is about SAMDA and exams. Prof. Samad explains how SAMDA can help a student to prepare for the exams easily and get through it successfully with better grades than ever.

Reflexology & SAMDA

This video is about the impact of SAMDA on the effectiveness of reflexology. After learning SAMDA, the effect of reflexology can be improved a lot and diseases can be cured very fast.

Hydrotherapy & SAMDA

This video is about the impact of SAMDA over hydrotherapy. SAMDA is 100% compatible healing system so when it is used with hydrotherapy it produces much better results than expected.

Sufism & Motivation

This video is about the link between SAMDA & Sufism. Prof. Samad explains how this spiritual healing energy boosts the sense of Sufism and creates a calm and peaceful personality.