We are living in a strange world where people feel fearless or fearful based on how much they have. Those who have nothing are mostly fearless because they don’t have anything to lose. They live happily even in the absence of a lot of things we need to live happily. While those having a lot of things always feel fear of losing everything. Even the presence of everything can’t make them happy. There is another kind of people who have nothing, but they are not fearless. And the reason is the feeling of insecurity for having nothing to look respectable and live happily in this society. They have fear that people will not give them respect and value in such state of having nothing. They live their whole life in a constant feeling of fear. So what matters actually? Having nothing or having everything. We have seen that no position gives surety of happiness and peace. People in both states are not happy mostly. Set your mind to help othersWhy your soul pressurizes youKnow the lion within yourselfHow to treat anxiety naturally Therefore never link your happiness and peace with the presence or the absence of things. Link it with your inner satisfaction, your thinking, your power to change your life and live it as you want. If you focus on your powers and believe in yourself then the presence or absence of anything will not disturb your happiness and you’ll live happily and successfully while passing through various ups and downs of your life. If you want to turn your fears into your powers, come for the online life changing session with Prof. Abdul Samad and he will train you to do this miracle in just a few steps. Don't forget to join us at Instagram @health.happiness.success for daily motivational & inspirational quotes.