Jealousy is not only a bad habit, but it’s also a disease which disturbs the health, personality, business, relationships and the happiness of the whole life. Jealous people suffer from an extreme state of inferiority complex. There can be a lot of factors behind such behavior but when a person having negative personality couldn’t reach a status or couldn’t achieve things he wants, due to his faults and inabilities, he starts wishing the same for others too. Whenever he sees someone who is having what he wants to have, he gets jealous. Instead of improving himself to get what he wants, he mainly focuses on others having those things or blessings. It’s a clear sign that he considers that person better or superior to him and tries to get him down in a variety of ways. How to get rid of negative thoughts fastGreat minds small mindsNeed motivation - Let your haters be your motivatorsDon’t compare yourself with others So if you also find someone exhibiting such behavior, you should be happy because that person is suffering from extreme inferiority complex just by seeing your blessings, the love and the respect others give you. Just be in peace and keep on improving yourself while the jealous people are busy in destroying their own life very successfully. If you want to live a happy and successful life, come for the online life changing session with Prof. Abdul Samad & connect with universal healing powers to change your life & others successfully. Don't forget to join us at Instagram @health.happiness.success for daily motivational & inspirational quotes